AG Bethel hires in the Office Of The Attorney General hits a snag!

Attorney General Carl Bethel.

NASSAU| Sources high up inside the Cabinet have now confirmed to BP there is a problem in the Office of the Attorney General.

Carl Bethel has hired prosecutors inside the AG’s Office who cannot get approval from the Bahamas Bar to work in the courts.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs. Nikiruka Jones-Nebo, and Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, David Bakibinga, were both hired and vetted by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. But there is still a problem.

Both prosecutors cannot get admitted into the Bahamas Bar. And this means with all the funds set aside by the treasury to relocate the pair in the Bahamas, they are unable to fully exercise their roles in the Bahamas. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

The new Deputy Director from Nigeria has relocated her family already to the Bahamas.

The applications by both prosecutors are collecting dust at the Bar and, from what we know, will not be placed on the agenda.

Carl Wilshire Bethel failed to alert the Bahamas Bar Association of the hires and, well, here is another example of his juvenile ability as a legal mind in the country. Why do you think the AG believes he could just walk individuals into the Bahamas to manage prosecutions in the country without telling Bahamians? WHAT IS THIS?!

Anyway, we at BP will be watching this one closely as the prosecutors are in office collecting big salaries and paying attention to the clock for when it is time to go home.

We report yinner decide!