D’Aguilar is a part of the problem in the Baha Mar saga

Mr. Dionisio D’Aguilar fails to practise Freedom of Information!
Mr. Dionisio D’Aguilar fails to practice Freedom of Information! Where was he when Baha Mar was filing Chapter 11?

Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman

Progressive Liberal Party

Ever since Baha Mar filed for bankruptcy on the 29th June 2015, Diosinio D’Aguilar, the Baha Mar Board member and personal friend of developer Sarkis Izmerlian has been in the media with some opinion or the other, but nothing he has said to date has been helpful to a successful negotiated settlement of this contractual dispute.

This evening on NB 12 was yet another example of his ill informed commentary.

Mr. D’Aguilar is clearly a part of the problem and should keep quiet in the best interest of all Bahamians and the project. Here is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never wanted for one day in his life, but is making one inflammatory remark after the other with the consequence of creating confusion, divisiveness on this issue and placing the jobs of thousands in further jeopardy.

He sat as a member of the Baha Mar board when without notice Baha Mar filed a bankruptcy application in Delaware, placing both crown land and the payment of over $100 million in monies owed to scores of Bahamian contractors and creditors in jeopardy. As a board member, he helped to preside over the current impasse that the government was called in to resolve. He fully knew that filing for chapter 11 allowed the developer to walk away from the massive debt he owed to scores of Bahamian creditors, including the government. To date, D’Aguilar has refused to stand up for Bahamians and at least admit that fact.

To date, the only side the government of The Bahamas has taken is the side of the Bahamian people and the national sovereignty of The Bahamas. It was the Bahamian government that paid the salaries of the 2,500 Bahamian workers at Baha Mar while seeking a good faith negotiated settlement because their welfare was very important to the government. The government refused to allow anybody to use them as pawns.


In light of the role Mr. D’Aguilar played in the current mess, he should do the Bahamian people a favour and keep his advice to himself. When the public needs advice on washing clothes, we will turn to him. Until then, no thank you.

What D’Aguilar should be doing is spending his time convincing his personal friend to do the right thing for all parties involved instead of his harmful and unhelpful commentary.