Airport Employee arrested for doing her job?


More abuse of POWER by police! We need a Commission of Inquiry of the RBPF

Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau, Bahamas.

NASSAU| Airport Authority employee is behind bars after trying screen baggage of police officer who was out of uniform at the time.

She became suspicious of the officer who was trying to board a private flight, after asking him to screen his bag he tussled with the female officer. Immediately following this, another officer who was with the gentleman took the bag and threw it and told the Screener she is under arrest.

She is presently behind bars waiting for court 10am tomorrow.

Stephanie Demeritte who is in charge of security went to station and officers told her that she cannot do anything and they’ll have to wait until court in the morning. Aviation security locked up for doing their job, police abusing power.

Meanwhile Bahamas Press is still questioning authorities on where is missing man Marvin Pratt?

We report yinner decide!