Aliv customers should purchase a BTC sim to stay connected!


Damian Blackburn wants BTC to share network where Aliv’s service might be disrupted….

Desperate Aliv CEO Damian Blackburn shows up at BTC Madness event in Marsh Harbour Abaco. – BTC COUNTRY!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – Aliv is already feeling the pressure from Hurricane Irma and the monster storm has not reached the capital as yet.

Today Aliv’s CEO Damian Blackburn was in the Guardian supposedly looking to beg for a ride on BTC’s powerful nationwide network. The headline in today’s newspaper read: “Aliv could partner with BTC at some cell sites if damage occurs!”

During Hurricane Matthew BTC was the only real national mobile network in place, which never went down. In fact BTC’s Flow to Go TV stream was live and active during Matthew while Cable BAHAMAS and BTC went kaput!

Aliv has been begging to use the bigger better BTC network since coming into service the public late last year. Since then the Aliv network has yet to prove its reliability during times of disaster.

In fact, it would be wise for Aliv customers, knowing that Cable will go down, to secure themselves a BTC sim card so they can remain in contact with the rest of the country.

We report yinner decide!