Aliv faces another blow as Abaco throws the second mobile company’s sim cards into the garbage…


More Aliv workers can go home as 14 did on Grand Bahama – Aliv needs money!

Desperate Aliv CEO Damian Blackburn shows up at BTC Madness event in Marsh Harbour Abaco. – BTC COUNTRY!!!

Abaco, Bahamas – This weekend was another difficult weekend for the Cable Bahamas Aliv network especially following another successful weekend in Abaco for the rival mobile provider BTC.

This weekend in Marsh Harbour as scores of residents lined up outside the BTC store for the madness deals being offered, CBL’s Aliv ice cream looking van pulled up to do a drive by.

The move by Aliv was painfully desperate! Inside the van was CEO of Aliv, Damian Blackburn, who also at one point in his confused state joined the mob at BTC to get in on the deals.

Damian looked lost. He looked puzzled. He was bewildered panicky and dejected as the people kept coming to BTC. Aliv stores were empty as like a schoolyard on summer break. How is Aliv going to stay alive in business? Last week some 14 persons at the Aliv Call Centre on Grand Bahama were let go. The press has yet to address or question the developments. Not one question to Aliv on the dismissals in some 10 days!

Cable Bahamas Aliv needs money! And it needs money bad and fast!

They are desperate for sales and the market is not interested in its product! They need the customers! They are short by the millions and the customers aren’t moving. Residents know you have to pay if you have an Aliv phone and must call another company’s number. They know – with no real national infrastructure outside New Providence and the island where the service is launched – making contact with family islanders is a real problem. New customers would have to give up their old numbers and buy a new cheaper and inferior phone to use Aliv. This cannot be good. Mobile is not so complicated!

And so the ice cream Aliv truck continues to follow the pack, but we believe, as they fall away from the leaders of that pack, Aliv will soon collapse and die.

We report yinner decide!