Aliv shuts user’s phones down for overuse of data?


Customers now ‘cussin’ about how Aliv had tricked dem into selecting their service!

Desperate Aliv CEO Damian Blackburn shows up at BTC Madness event in Marsh Harbour Abaco. – BTC COUNTRY!!!

Bahamians tricked!

Nassau, Bahamas – The complaints are pilling up by Aliv customers and what we hear is now troubling to tricked consumers.

Some customers have contacted BP on the issues where Aliv has taken the bold step to shut down phones where clients have used more than the daily-allotted use/data of the phone. What is this?

One complainant noted, “Customers using the Aliv phones must sign what is termed a fair usage agreement. Some persons who use their phones to set up wifi, or are using the phone to stream media through fire sticks and hotspots cannot do so using the Aliv phone. They locked my account and did so after preaching how they offer unlimited data access to the network. How can this be fair!? Or better yet, how can they really suggest that the use of the network is UNLIMITED IN USE when they are shutting you down?”

Bahamas Press reached out to Aliv and they referred us to their
Excessive Network Usage clause, which states:

“We monitor use in accordance with those terms and conditions. If you exceed more than 30GB in any month on a 30 day unlimited plan or more than 7GB in any week on a 7 day plan, We reserve the right to throttle or reduce the speed available to You, and We may also suspend Your services. If we discover that you talk for more than 7,500 minutes or send more than 4,500 text messages per month, We reserve the right to restrict Your access to calls and We may suspend Your services. Our Fair Use Policy also restricts calls and texts to no more than two hundred (200) different numbers in one month. Further, calls are restricted to a maximum of two (2) hours per call. Once a call has reached two (2) hours, it will be automatically disconnected. However, You will be able to dial the same number straight away.”

All we say is this: Well, blow me down! Ya really have limited access on Aliv just as we at BP told consumers.

We report yinner decide!