All Roads in New Providence Passable


Ministry of Works & Urban Development
Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis
Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis

The Ministry of Works & Urban Development announces that as of 6:00pm today (10th October 2016), all roads in New Providence have been made passable.
Hurricane Matthew, left The Bahamas as a Category 4 hurricane, leaving a trail of devastation in New Providence with most roads impassable.

In advance of the event, my Ministry busied itself preparing our transport infrastructure to withstand the onslaught by trimming overhanging branches, clearing drains, and strategically placing heavy equipment to allow immediate post-hurricane clearing operations. This measures resulted in the flood waters receded quickly.

Even before the “All Clear” was given, my officers began carrying out inspections and clearing obstructions.

Within 24 hours, the Ministry of Works was able to ensure that all major routes in New Providence passable. As far as we are aware, apart from a few exceptions where the trees are entangled with power lines, there are no blockages in New Providence roads. In those cases, my Ministry is working with Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) to remove these as well.

The cut trees have been placed on the sides of the roads. These will be removed over the next week or so to be mulched. At the same time, drains will be cleared to minimise flooding in the case of rainfall.

I commend the enthusiasm of my staff, who, notwithstanding personal losses, rose to the challenge of disaster response – many of them working outside of the realm of terms of their employment. It is because of their commitment to our recovery that we have attained this milestone achievement within four days. I acknowledge the contribution of ordinary citizens, many men and women, who initiated self-help activities to clear roads. As well, I thank our contractors who stood ready and took action as directed. This is yet the beginning of a long haul to recovery.

If my Ministry has inadvertently missed any blockages, please inform us via the Ministry of Works & Urban Development’s Facebook Page or on 302-9700 or through NEMA on 322-6081, so we may remove these as well.

Hon. Philip E. Davis, Q.C., M.P.
10th October 2016