Aliv must answer serious questions to its investors!

Desperate Aliv CEO Damian Blackburn shows up at BTC Madness event in Marsh Harbour Abaco. – BTC COUNTRY!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – Aliv is having a major problem with meeting the expectation of its investors.

Aliv had assured investors that by this time the company would have captured some 30% market share of cellular customers in the country and would have by now taken a footing in the market.

However, serious problems with its service coupled with the lack of confidence by consumers the Aliv product is in trouble.

BP understands the company is generating far below its projections and at this stage is quickly running out of cash.

Within days of launching its call centre on Grand Bahama a number of the Aliv team at that centre was quietly relived. Not one word of the workers firings has been heard in the press. What is now worse is the fact that since slow numbers and serious network problems have persisted in areas like Abaco, customers are returning their phones and some are here on New Providence have complained about sound quality issues.

On Abaco BP broke the report how workers at the Aliv centre in that part of the country have not been paid for over a month and the manager for the area quietly removed.

What is happening at Aliv must have investors seriously worried.

All we know is this…Aliv is beginning to look dead!

We report yinner decide!