American Anna Michelle Garrison is the woman murdered in Fox Hill


Click to listen to JCN Evening report on the American guest murder

Nassau, The Bahamas — Only hours after Bahamas Press questioned the identity of the woman found dead alongside the road in Fox Hill, Bahamian police revealed her identity. She was a 33 year-old American who went missing in March.woman-murdered

Anna Michelle Garrison, according to police, was living with some Bahamian family when she went missing in March. It is not confirm whether or not the woman in the country on vacation of business, however, police said they have a suspect they want to question in this matter. That suspect we understand has already fled back to the US.

Garrison’s gruesome decomposed body was discovery on Saturday around 6pm. She was found discarded in a plastic bag just off Fox Hill Road.

This is the second murder of a visitor in The Bahamas caught in the warzone of death. Just in April, less than two months ago, Welsh banker Hywel Jones, 55, died after spending several weeks in a coma following a shooting. The president of Britannia Investment Group was shot in the head outside his office in the western area. Police believe was a “hit”. The bachelor/banker was ambushed by a gunman moments after he got out of his vehicle. The killer fled the scene on a red and white motorcycle after the execution-style shooting.Police have yet to arrest anyone in connection to this incident.


  1. wow anna is dead i wondering what happen to her because she never miss a party at the clubs. anna has lived in nassau for over 6 to 7 years was a fun person to be around i hope they find who really did kill her.

  2. I’m just playing with words here for you BP: H.A.I I know it means Hubert Alexander Ingraham. But if we were to add T.I to the acronym we would then spell “Haiti” Just thought I’d mention that. But anyway we now have H.A.I.T.I. Which now translates to “Hubert Alexander Ingraham The Informant” … I thought it was worth mention, before he is really exposed. I can’t wait…lol

  3. Wuthless,wuthless,wuthless.A word coined by HAI in mid 2007 and now which has come back to haunt him.He has done nothing to improve the judicial system allowing every one and their ma to get bail.What is the solution?appoint more magistrates and judges and get rid of the backlog.In the meantime since we have someone on death row,sign the death warrant and watch how quickly the crime wave is brouight under control.The thinking on the streets is to spend some months in prison for MURDER then you get bail to intimidate witness,s.HAI earn your money and put fear in criminals not ordinary citizens.

  4. This goes to the heart of our justice system. Get cracking Mr Policeman and do careful proper investigation of this case. The Bahamas cannot handle the possible backlash from this story if the culprit is allowed to run like Birbal. Things like this continue to happen because people take it for granted that police investigations are so sloppy even if they are charged, it is less than likely to land a conviction. If indeed it is a domestic situation, the murderer must still be brought to justice. He/She would have been on the run a while now thinking they got away with it.

  5. The last thing we need is for Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell to get wind of this, I could just picture them now on their TV shows blacklisting the Bahamas. I don’t know if you all remember how Nancy almost sabotaged Aruba tourism industry when that teenager Natalie Holloway when missing. We better hope and pray they still have their attention turned toward Michael Jackson, while our police investigate this and come up with some answers. This is not good, not good at all.

    This country is quickly turning into the wild wild west, there are just too many die bodies turning up on the side of the road.

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