An American man returning to the US with LIL WAYNE is arrested at LPIA for Laundering $30,000 in cash!


Why was the undeclared funds being laundered out of the Country?

A member of Lil Wayne's concert team arrested at LPIA.
A member of Lil Wayne’s concert team arrested at LPIA.

Nassau, Bahamas — It looks as if plenty money is headed out of the Bahamas to evade taxes these days, and today was no different.

Bahamas Press has learnt an American man, who was returning to the United States with entertainer Lil Wayne, was arrested at LPIA after he failed to declare over $30,000 at the US Boarder Control section.

The American artist held a concert at the Sport Centre’s Courtyard on Saturday dubbed “Sorry 4 the Wait” after some 7 years since his failed concert attempts in New Providence.

Bahamas Press saw no pictures of any crowds at the event, but why $30,000 was being laundered out of the country opens some serious questions. Was the concert a success? No one knows. But we do know who now has the proceeds.

We report yinner decide!



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