Anarchy at RBDF Base as Commodore Raymond King gets attacked by former aide and chased into closet!

Commodore Raymond King and Lt. Delroy Dennis.

Nassau| A Defence Force Officer has been placed on leave after charging at and attacking the wutless Commodore of the RBDF.

Your number one news agency in the country, BP, is now getting shocking news out of the Coral Harbour base after the Commodore of the RBDF, Raymond King, was violently attacked.

The big bustup unfolded at the RBDF Headquarters where former aide Lt. DELROY Dennis (picture above) lost his cool and attacked King for his wutless leadership and failure to support marines.

Dennis argued over promotions promised to him which were never delivered.

Many marines have little to no respect for King who many believe promotes wutlessness and dumbness – just like Minnis who put him in place.

Weak Wutless King had to be protected by his bodyguards during the violent exchange.

During the outburst King had to run and hide deep inside the closet, a too familiar place for him.

Dennis had to be restrained and was eventually sent on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, another senior commander, Natasha Miller, walked off of the job after she wasn’t promoted.

She has since landed safe in another Gov’t Ministry after her high-ranking “sweet-ting” in government secured her a juicy post!

Bahamas Press believes the Defence Force is in the middle of all-out-war. We believe the base is not safe and the wutless leadership at the top of the RBDF must GO! Keep ignoring our advice and see! The Davis Gov’t has been warned!

MANY disgruntled marines, who were overlooked by King, are either leaving the RBDF or are on work-to-rule and have refused to comply with directives from King’s weak wutless leadership!

We ga report and let yinner decide!