Andre Birbal must be given International Protection!!!


birbalGeorge W. Bush said it best when he told the world most wanted terrorists, “We’ll hunt you down, smoke you out of your holes and get you running…but no matter where you run, we will find you!”

Andre Bernard Birbal has been on such a run far away from The Bahamas. He was caught in Manhattan early this week. With much jubilation today we the operators of this blog believe when we work together, we can do anything! Citizen journalists on here have come together and focused around the issue of SAFETY IN ALL PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

We’re now happy to see that justice for children has taken it first lap of success. Yes, Birbal has been captured, but now we must as members of civil society see to it that he is given a fair trail. Bahamas Press wishes our thousands of readers to know, WE WANT BIRBAL SAFE!!! EVEN IF IT MUST MEAN THAT THE CASE IS HELD OUTSIDE OF THIS COUNTRY!

No one can deny that not only the parents and children of Eight Mile Rock wished a death sentence on Birbal, but we believe now that some SHAKING high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Education and on the Royal Bahamas Police Force, who participated and aided in his crimes, also would wish for him death. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! And therefore Bahamas Press is calling on our International affiliate bodies to LEND PROTECTION TO THE SAFETY OF ANDRE BIRBAL due to the nature of this high profile case.

Birbal MUST BE PROTECTED from the carnal minds at Fox Hill Prison or those on the RBPF. We insist he must be given a fair trail! He must be protected away from those who can harm him and stop the TRUTH from being told! We the writers of this blog want to know all the facts from the man himself, and NO delay of that process should be allowed.

We want Andre Birbal to know, YES, we want to hear from you and wish a fair trail with international protection upon your return to the Bahamas.


  1. Morning Russell Johnson,where did you say Minister of National Security would be going to what Ministry? Foreign Affairs what you gat to be kidding

  2. One good thing for Birbal he would haveCONFUSED as his cellmate.They can share notes and sing to each other.I hope that the Minister of National Security who will soon be Minister of Foreign Affairs will ensure that a wing is erected to hold pedophiles.Labour is cheap as he already has the manpower and should easily be able to access funds.Securing the welfare of prisoners especially foreigners is paramount to our standing in the world as a civilized society.See that HAI you can easily access this site and get free advice.Fire those incompetent and inept CONSULTANTS ehe maybe they advice you from this site lolo.

  3. Excellent point BP about giving Birbal a fair trial. This blog has sometimes been guilty of convicting people before they even see the inside of the courts so your suggestion and advice is extremely mature and appreciated. I also agree with you that Birbal is only the tip of the iceberg here and while he may be the lightening rod for our anger, it goes much further up the food chain and nothing short of Carl and Lionel Sands’ heads will do.

    But we know what country we live in so that will never happen. Oh well. Too bad for Birbal that the boys in Fox Hell Prison don’t get the internet to read BP’s advice. Birbal will get a much different trial up there. Child abusers and pedophiles are not popular at all in Fox Hell. LOL. Can’t say I’m sorry for him but he does deserve a fair trial.

  4. @Child of the 60,s
    Child of the 60,s I didn’t read the other blog as yet I didn’t noticed that BP had already given you your coup.I only looking out for you,you are one of my friends.

  5. Thanks Dibbles BP has already acknowledged the coup and has actually created this followup based on my suggestions.BP is fair and his acknowledgement is appreciated.This site is ours for ensuring that Bahamians get accurate news.Once I get it you my friends will be the first to know.

  6. BP you have an apology for Child of the 60’s she was the first to break the news on Andre Birbal arrest.Give Child of the 60’s the credit.We need more accurate news like this.

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