Andre Rollins has crossed the line and should be banished from the PLP!


These political hoes [Rollins] ain’t loyal!

MP for Fort Charlotte.

Nassau, Bahamas
–  Back in New Delhi there is this scene: scores of persons jump on and clinging to an already overloaded bus headed into the city. The picture questions the safety of the transportation. As it makes its way across the busy townships, riders engage in sometimes heated conversations. When the bus stops, there is the usual jumping off and dashing away by passengers.

The scene on the PLP bus today, though, is one that should never be tolerated by the driver.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, as fate would have it, with an overloaded bus to Parliament, sailed into victory in 2012. Mr. Christie rode around the country collecting seats, which allowed him to form what we call a super majority in the Parliament. Believe it or not, it is near impossible to move Christie now.

His government is taking on a loaded parliamentary agenda, where heavy and transformative decisions are being made that will mature well into the future of the Bahamas. Christie, for the first time in years, is now upgrading the border protection with new costly patrols fleets. He is doubling the boots on the ground to arrest crime. He is overhauling the tax structure to make certain well into the future the financial health of the country is secured for generations to come. And he, unlike his predesessor, has given young Bahamians new hope with more than 8,000 workers are back on the job for the first time in many years. Already everyone can see the local economy is indeed turning around and is headed in the right direction.

But as that bus rides to a stop in Rawson Square, there is one JACKASS clinging on the back, holding on, mind you, that has decided to cuss the leadership of the PLP and call for new leadership within the organization – ‘BOY, I tell ya, these hoes ain’t loyal.’

There has to be a dangerous cocktail passed out in that gaming board seat. The last person who sat there was Malcom ‘Selfish’ Adderley, who attacked Christie in this same fashion in Parliament. Then it was the former MP for Nassau Village and Gaming Board Chairman Kenyatta Gibson who did the same. And there are parallels here.

Christie, you would remember, went hard on the ground for both Gibson and Adderley. Hard, planting the PLP’s strong ground apparatus in support of both men. Strong, he fought for them despite stiff and firm political winds within the PLP against both candidates Gibson and Adderley.

Christie, I say, could do no more. Christie, however, ignored the voices and said, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Well, the rest is history. The people decided to sent both men [Adderley and Gibson] into the political wilderness forever – AMEN!

Fast-forward to today and these “unfortunate incidents of attacks” against Christie’s leadership by the MP for Fort Charlotte, Andre Rollins appear to go down that same road.

Rollins on his feet in the Parliament used that famous place of privilege Thursday night to attack Christie and called for new leadership in the country. Last week he told Parliament that he would support a woman Prime Minister, again calling for change at the top of the PLP. Well, we don’t know if that was a hint to offer himself cause no woman today in the PLP has hinted or is interested at this time. We ga say it to get it off our chest: Andre Rollins is a political hoe who just ain’t loyal!

Yinner would remember the Elizabeth bye-election on Feb 16th, 2010?  The NDP leader was Andre Rollins at the time and he was also the candidate in that bye-election. Dat unrepentant hoe [Rollins] went night after night on the public stage attacking Christie and the PLP. At one point, he ran to the Tribune and planted an article against then PLP candidate, Leo Ryan Pinder, who clearly was the right man, in the right place at the right time.

The ‘hoodrat’ Rollins, yinner would remember, after getting the cut-yinner-know-what of a lifetime [even after being funded by Hubert Ingraham], then vanished. Abandoned Elizabeth, and went into talks with Hubert Ingraham. These hoes ain’t loyal!

He then ditched the NDP, threatening them with lawsuits if they attempted to use any material of the party. Das what he did to his own party – which at the time had agents from the FNM advising it! We know – cause BP was planted inside!

What makes this offence against Mr. Christie in the Parliament by Rollins soo disturbing to us is because of the fact we….never supported his nomination in Fort Charlotte! We knew the hoe ain’t loyal! We knew he couldn’t be trusted! We knew he was never a real believer of MAMA DEM PARTY PHILOSOPHY AND IDEOLOGY! And we knew at some point and time Hubert Ingraham coming back for his bitch!

And so we say to the PLP: the time is now to lay the ax at the root of the tree. Do it early. Do it now. Throw that Jackass who caught a ride to Parliament off the bus! Why? … Cause these hoes ain’t loyal!

We report yinner decide!