Andre Rollins set to join the FNM come Wednesday in Parliament!


Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins

Rollins set to leave the PLP as he had ABANDONED his constituents more than a year ago!

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking report Andre Roĺlins shall not apologize to the PLP leader come Wednesday, but shall join the Free National Movement as the new FNM MP for Fort Charlotte under Hubert Minnis and Loretta Butler Turner.

BAHAMAS Press can confirm the talks were inked this morning and the deal is final.

The deal was sealed at Starbucks in Cable Beach.

Around that table were Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins with Dr. Hubert Minnis, Brensil Rolle, Alvin Smith and Floyd Wilmott.

The PLP Council should have sacked Rollins last Thursday…but now he is epected to ditch the party and reinforce just what he wanted to say in Parliament….

Last week in a standing room only council meeting Rollins showed up and said nothing. In short he was telling the PLP – if you don’t like what I say – das ya damn business!

A formal disciplinary committee to look into the Fort Charlotte MP’s actions has been formed made up of Robyn Lynes, attorney; Valentine Grimes, Chair and former Ft. Charlotte MP;  D’Asante Beneby, former Chair of the Progressive Young Liberals and Tom Basden, businessman and Stalwart Councillor. The Fort Charlotte Branch has already thrown the MP under the bus and has told the Party leadership they have washed their hands from him.

BP words to Rollins … “It is too late to APOLOGIZE – Carry ya pissy hip…you was never loyal”!

We report yinner decide!