Andros students riding on school bus floor

Andros students on the school bus.

ANDROS| Parents on Central Andros are seething with rage after pictures of their children, making the lengthy bus commute to school on the school bus floor and in cramped quarters, were circulated on social media.

Behring Point and Cargill Creek students are pictured on the Carlton Mackey bus floor and sharing seats due to limited seating.

It comes amid a third wave of coronavirus cases in The Bahamas, during which several public school students were infected with COVID-19.

The government is urging the public to exercise social distancing but education officials aren’t practicing what they preach.

“This is how our children are being transported to school today. There isn’t enough seats so they are sitting on the floor and three students share a seat,” said one angry parent.

“This should not be happening,” said another.

Parents claim adequate transportation was in place to take students to school but politics played a role in the cancellation of the previous contract.

They lamented the “unacceptable and irresponsible” manner in which students are transported to school as Central Andros recently saw a spike in cases.

Andros had 15 confirmed Covid-19 cases on April 28 and a new case on Sunday.