ANDROS vessel must deal with pirates onboard stealing clients items…

The Potter’s Cay Dock

Dear Bahamas Press,

The crew on this boat has repeatedly stolen all the seafood from my young niece, who is a single mother of a young baby trying to make a living selling and delivering meals during this lockdown. 

Things are extremely rough for her since she has no other source of income to take care her and her baby. The victim has bills and yet this crime continues to happen to her as a result of this thiefin band a suckers on this vessel.

Her Mom in Andros puts the seafood and groceries on the boat to help her daughter.

Her mother has cried out to Lady Rosalind crew and members to please stop “thiefin” the stuff and they are not stopping. I mean the whole bag and box go missing every time. Stealing is a sin!

Let’s please stop thiefing from the poor. God aint pleased with this!
We write you BP because you have become a strong loud voice of hope for us across this great country, especially during this pandemic! Deal with them please for us and put dem on blast!


Victims of INJUSTICE!