Anglican Priest denied access into Sandals Exuma


Exuma, Bahamas — Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort is once again the spotlight of concern in the country. Bahamas Press has learnt a senior clergyman in the Anglican Church was denied access into the popular resort recently.

We have learnt that, as the member of the Cathedral Chapter entered the gates at the resort, he was asked his name by a Jamaican security guard. Wearing his collar, the priest replied, announcing his titles in hopes he would gain immediate access.

But sadly to his surprise, his name was not on the list and he was abruptly interrupted and turned away from the resort. Shocked at the treatment of Bahamians displayed at Sandals these days, the priest was speechless.

One observer of the situation at Sandals told Bahamas Press, “We the Bahamian people have contributed to the development of that resort. We deferred million of tax dollars in hopes the country would benefit from the development, but look what they are doing to Bahamians! When they are not firing them from the gift shop and replacing them with foreigners, they are telling a senior member of the church he cannot come into the resort! Something must be wrong with that.”

Bahamas Press notes it is a ‘dutty’ crying shame in the Bahamas when an man of the cloth, a prince of the church and a SENIOR MEMBER OF THE ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL CHAPTER is denied access into a hotel in a post independence Bahamas! Something gata be wrong with that.

Boy, Father, if I was you, I would be reading last rites on dem!



  1. WHY in the hell is my Anglican Church stooping so low to be appearing a beggars. Many good Anglicans work for Sandals and I am just UPSET now that because these feel loading priest were not admitted in the gates of Sandals they go to BAHAMASPRESS.

    Now the Anglican Church has come to a new low and I am so embarrassed.

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