Angry axed FNM Chairman injured staff hand in phone grab!

file photo

Nassau – A now former FNM branch association Chairman has been defeated following branch elections this past week.

The axed Chairman was a big-time supporter of former FNM Leader Hubert Ingraham and former Opposition Leader, but defeated candidate for Long Island, Loretta Butler Turner.

The axed Chairman, who also sits on a government board, took out her deadly anger on a staff member at the board. A meeting was being held for the government agency when the axed chairman thought the staff was recording the meeting for BP. Well, immediately; the chairman grabbed for the phone but subsequently wrestled the hand of the staffer. That staffer is now in a sling and has reported the matter to the police and the Attorney General’s Office.

Sources tell us both complaints have fallen on deaf ears and the axed chairman has gotten off.

Meanwhile, BP can report the chairman was defeated in a near bloody FNM branch election, along with the entire slate of the branch. PM Minnis has set the position that the Ingraham era is over and all insurgents seeking to remove him will be dealt a heavy blow! The axed chairman is now angry at the world and wants Minnis gone!

We report yinner decide!