Another 12-year-old girl abducted near the A. F. Adderley School?


Brothers and Sisters someone has taken custody of this 12-year-old A. F. Adderley student. Jerrel Johnson, has gone missing since Wednesday, and has not been seen by anyone.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is following a series of abductions right here in the capital, which is happening every week now against young boys and girls. This child shown here, is believed to be the latest victim of these ”VICKED’ CHILD RAPIST’ now on the loose in the community.

We are told the 7th grader went to school Wednesday morning, and was last seen when she left school on that same afternoon. Family members of, Jerrel Johnson, say they are upset and cannot come to grips with what may have happened to the young girl.

Flyers of the missing twelve-year-old student are being placed alongside a number of others who have disappeared in New Providence. Family members took to the streets early this morning to circulate photos as they search of the adolescent begins.

Bahamas Press has now joined the search on all our networks as we heighten awareness to this growing vexing problem in the Bahamas [Crimes Against Children]!

A few weeks ago students at the College of the Bahamas foiled the attempted abduction of a junior as she exited the campus in Oakes Field. Eyewitnesses tell us, that female student was being dragged into a jeep as she screamed for help to fight off her abductors. Her actions alerted students and foiled the attempt.

The growing cases of abductions and sexual incidents against children are fast becoming the norm in the society, where weak sentencing practices by a judiciary on its knees have branded the system corrupt!

Marco Archer’s case  this summer proved painful for a family when the 11-year-old Columbus Primary student failed to return home after leaving on an errand to a store nearby. Archer days later found in a pond behind an apartment on Yorkshire Drive in Cable Beach. Kohfe Edwardo Goodman, AKA Elvardo Ferguson was formally charged this week for the abduction and murder of Archer. He was also charged for abducting and molestation two other primary schoolboys.

For your knowledge, BP reports Goodman was released from prison back in December 2010 after serving seven years for the murder of a young boy found stuffed in a garbage tin on Claridge Road. That incident took place in 2003.

With the Bahamas claiming the highest number of rapes per capita in the world, according to a United Nations report, the skyrocketing attack against children should concern authorities and the wider public. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE IN A COUNTRY ONLY 21 X 7! Something has terribly gone wrong in The Bahamas, and MUMs the WORD from the Christian Council President. Things that make ‘ya’ go HMMMMMMM!

Anyone having knowledge of this incident should immediately contact police at the National Crime Prevention Office at 242-302-8430/1, Sgt.2026 Skippings (Press Liaison Officer) at 242-376-4378 or email Additionally, persons with information can contact the family [Mother – Pearl Johnson] at 326-8734.


    • They found her? So where the hell she been? I am just sick and tired of these little girls disappearing and getting everybody nerves on them and only to find out they been lock down somewhere grinning. You worrying about them and they out there having fun, at least they should call home instead of stressing everybody out . They need stop practicing azz! They are only making it hard for real victims, because you don’t know when to take these things seriously. The police need buck some of these parent heads too, because some of them are too slack for their own good and they need to jail these men who like to take advantage of these little children. I wish I had a little girl and she pull one of them disappearing act on me, then come home like nothing happened; trust me, y’all would read about it in the papers.

  1. totally agreed….and ppl having kids and are barely able to provide for themselves much less their kids!! all of that plays a part on what children will become and what struggles they will face growing up!! i say there should b a law against these kinds of things!! its an injustice to alot of kids growing up in nassau….keep ya legs closed, or use contraceptives!! they’re not expensive at all!

  2. Am sick of hearing people blaming everything that goes wrong in this country on the government. Why can’t we get on the parents?the Bible sates Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it. There are parents who know there children doing S**t and still making noise but my good child,they know the child isn’t working yet still allow them to bring all type stuff in the house.

  3. Amen Trashy! I agree with you! These stink dogs in the fnm aint doing nothing but teefin up all da money and giving they friends what they can’t stash in they pockets. Bunch of phuckin demons have destroyed this country! If bahamians prove stupid enough to return any of them cacksuckers to office, phuck yawl. I will leave this country! I can’t live like this no more. Phucq papa!

  4. Trashy, slap me but the Rev Whylly and Rev Randy Frazier seem to be stalwart Bahamians Why blame all perversions on foreigners when your own peeps ta blame for most of it

  5. Ok what authorities should do after these sick perverted minds violate these children…..CASTRATE THEM AND I MEAN PENIS AND ALL !!!!!!!

    • Come on Jason, not every parent can afford to leave their job and pick up their kids. The roads are already bad enough and congested with traffic without adding thousands of parents picking up their kids every day.

      I do agree that poor parenting is the issue, kids having kids, parents having the wrong priorities just to name a few. But being able to walk home from school……….if my child is in danger walking home from school with numerous kids-maybe its time to invest in some home schoolin!!


    • dont be an *** jason unless your the result of a teen mom you parents probably walked to school and from school
      some parents are not as fortunate as you if you are to have vehicles atleast there sending the children to school you cannot point a finger at any government official if the citizens want to do something they will last time i checked nowhere on this planet was crime free

    • I could agree with Ingraham once in my life!!! Poor parenting is the answer; but my view is this: A mother/father has to know when their boys are sick they have to be the first to know, as they can see when something goes wrong in the boy’s life. Some mothers would hide the fact that the boy has a devious sexual problem rather than seek help for him at the onset of his sexual dysfunctions and deviations. It is not illness. It is a sick and evil spirit that enters their bodies from watching porno on the internet, or renting porn movies; no supervision at home and experimenting with sex at an early age. When these persons hurt children, they should get counseling in prison while they serve their time and when they are released, they should be released to the custody of their parents or an adult guardian, no matter how old they are and if they commit another rape the custodian should be arrested and taken to Court to answer as to why this person repeated the offense; otherwise if there is no cure for them, banish them to one of the cays, in a maximum security jail and make them farm for the rest of their lives, 12 hours per day, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until they expire. Additionally, the only book they should read is the Bible during the rest of their lives or sentences! This can be done! They should also be registered as sex offenders!

    • Look everyone cannot drop their child/children off. Folks just have to be more vigilant. Maybe they can start pairing/grouping them when they set out for school.
      Teach your child/children defense tactics.
      It is a nasty, sick & scary world out there

  7. y’all don’t think with all this crime going on in this country everything come out the government mouth should relate to crime? they are the ones being paid to run and manage this “hell hole” we call home these chit bags should be screaming on every street and corner, but they have better things to do than to worry about kids being rap and murder.

  8. What the phuck going on in this country.

    You mean to tell me the young kids can’t walk the streets of New Providence without being attacked by some deranged sex monster.

    This what happens when you encourage the diversification of the culture. Some cultures see nothing wrong with child-sex. This is a new phenomenon in this country. God help us because this mite be the start of bigger and worser tings to come.

    I either dam going GREEN or getting the phuck out of Dodge before my time come around.

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