Bandits rob Burger King Cable Beach and caught in gun-battle and police chase on highway


Police car on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway...File Photo

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Nassau, Bahamas — What began as a successful armed robbery around 6 PM tonight at Burger King in the Cable Beach area ended up into a high-speed gun battle with law enforcement officers on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

Bahamas Press was live on the scene when the incident unfolded as the chase moved at lightening speeds, passing Bank of Bahamas and around the Milo Butler roundabout east on the roadway. It was then that a large explosion and the skidding of tires could be heard as two occupants of the getaway car slammed into other vehicles and lost control.

As the robbers attempted to make good their escape on foot by drawing weapons on police, a gun battle erupted. By this time patrol vehicles flooded the area like bees in search of honey.

When the gun battle ended, one suspect had been shot by police and two others vanished into the darkness.

BP understands it is likely that one of the two suspects who fled the scene a wounded man.

Meanwhile police have taken possession of several weapons, and the full amount of stolen cash left in the abandoned vehicle.

BP congratulates the members of the RBPF who are fighting to keep our streets safe from these Rwandan Style Gangsters.

We report yinner decide…


  1. Good stuff, after “interrogation” is completed the police will have more than enough information to find the other culprits. I mean the mindset. Just imagine. If i’m a thug, I have high powered weapons, I live by the sword die by the sword and don’t give a you know what… then why would I rob BURGER KING? Wouldn’t it make more sense if those stupid boys were gonna go all they should have choosen a better establishment to rob? I’m thankful the authorities came through, but it shows that not only are these thugs senseless, but their brains are probably under developed. They can’t even choose sensible locations to rob. I mean get killed for robbing Burger King?

    What is it to gain the whole world but loose your one soul?

    Nassau has indeed gone funky!

  2. good work RBPF, it was a mess out there last night .
    thanks for finally reporting as it should be BP , just state the facts , not your opinion, good job

  3. Props to the Red Stripe! Thankfully no police were hurt. Well done officers. Stay focused and remain vigilant and tough.

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