Another bad rollover accident in Murphy Town Abaco – And no beds are available in Nassau hospitals….


Abaco| Woman flips over in vehicle accident in Forest Drive, Dundas Town, Abaco opposite Trump Assembly Church this afternoon.

Now the roads were wet and there was a two vehicle collision. There were plenty residents on the streets dispite a weekend Lockdown on Abaco. But the people ain’t checking for Minnis. Even the lil churrin dem cussin him in creole (But we digress).

Anyway, we have an accident where a woman was thrown out of her vehicle. Two we know were taken to the clinic and police are now wrapping up their investigation.

All we say is this; what is the reason for all these bad terrible deadly rollover accidents on Abaco?

An Abaco resident who crashed in her vehicle just a month ago (Ms Britney Edgecombe) died just this morningaround 7am leaving her only son behind.

We report yinner decide!