Another Bigtime FNM hauled before the courts for STEALING…Stephen Wrinkle Charged!!!


Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is down at the courts this afternoon watching the buses load up to transport prisoners back to the prison, and missing the bus this afternoon is President of the Contractors Association, Stephen Wrinkle, a BIGTIME FNM supporter.

Wrinkle was charged this afternoon in Magistrate Court #5 before Magistrate Derrence Rolle, for stealing ELECTRICITY FROM BEC!

Sources close to the investigation tell us the FNM goon was caught RED HANDED over the weekend having connected a supply line of BEC to one of his buildings. We are told Wrinkle was red in the face as he shook like a reed in front of the court as the charges were read.

He plead not guilty and the case was adjourned to October 17th, 2011.

Bahamas Press wonders, however, how is it Wrinkle walked in the court without cuffs, but last week, attorney Paul Moss appeared before the courts in shackles? Boy, justice is an invention of the devil.

We shall wait and see if the FNM PRESS [Guardian/ Tribune] and others will report the same as they did Moss’ arraignment.


Lawd is rough!


  1. Let me tell you all something. That man is my father, and he should in no shape or form be held responsible any crime let alone the crime he has been charged with, HE NEVER COMMITED ANY CRIME! I was present at the time of his initial incarceration and I can tell you that this is nothing more than a sickening attempt to make a mockery of an innocent Bahamian man. You know nothing of Stephen Wrinkle and from you comment I can assume that you are nothing but a gullible ignorant fool to believe everything and anything that you hear from the media or the Government. I will have you know my Father is not affiliated with any political party and if you want facts I can tell you that this whole unjust, distorted and ridiculous accusation came straight from the FNM former Prime Minister, immediately after several disagreements between them in the House because my father was speaking up for Bahamians, on matters not in the best interest of the pockets of our Government. Stephen Wrinkle never committed any crime and I would swear on the bible till I’m good and dead that he is entirely innocent. My father was merely a building manager for the Bayparyl Building downtown that is owned by the Black Group. The unregistered meter was not in his office, but in an office down the hall. And I will tell you ALL did he have any knowledge of such a meter! Why would a man who prides himself on the truth and fights for justice among our own people do such a thing? He has everything to lose and nothing to gain from such a ridiculous crime. Also factually speaking it makes absolutely no sense. If he collects monthly utility bills for the Electricity for the office spaces in the building, why on earth would he knowingly allow someone to have an unregistered meter? He would be losing money, money that he needs to feed his family like every other working man trying to get by in Nassau! He has never committed a crime of proportion in his life and I know that at age 60, he would never do anything to risk his family’s security, or his own safety and wellbeing by stealing electricity or involve himself in any form of illegal activity. My father has done more good for this country than you ever will sir, so i suggest that before you all decide to jump on the political propaganda bandwagon you get your facts straight. There’s enough corruption and crime in this country to knowingly identify a good man when you see one, Stephen Wrinkle has never stepped a toe out of line before, so why would it make sence now over soemething so stupid as stealing electricity in an office space that he dosen’t even occupy. Come on people, use your brains it dosen’t add up and the opposition (BEC) has no proof inidicating that it was in any way Stephen Wrinkles office that the meter was located in and they would not disclose any more evidence on the matter. Isnt that a little strange that the people who handle the entire Bahamas Electricity can’t identify if electricity is coming from the accused office or the office of a former tennant down the hall in a building that STEPEHEN WRINKLE DOSENT EVEN OWN, he locks up at night and handles general mantinence issues. I seriously hope that any of you are not builders, developers or foreman because I would highly recommend you all to recall a time when that good man stood up to the FNM and took on the hard, long, fight to benefit you and every other hard working Bahamian trying to get their foot in the door without getting trampled on by Foreigners. It truly sickens me that we as Bahamians are SO QUICK to turn our back on one of our own, a man who has done nothing but try to insure our place in line and protect our homeland from being run through by foreigners with a Payloader and and a D8. When the foreigners are bringing all their workers in by the boatloads to build up our islands and NO Bahamians are getting hired on the job and they start throwing up a concrete jungle barricading you into your home with the massive utopia and not one Bahamian sees a penny of the profit..Don’t you dare call Stephen Wrinkle because all of you have just about done his good name nothing but shame and injustice just like the corrupt, crooked Government who had hauled him off to Jail tonight for a crime he never committed!

  2. hundreds of bahamians turn up every week to court to answer charges of one thing or another without being handcuffed and paraded through bank lane. Was mr. wrinkle actually arrested or did he just have a court date to come and answer charges? only if you are in police custody do you do the cuffs and shackles.

    • Thank you for your wise observation high flyer. I know a couple of decent young guys who have never been before the magistrate before but got caught with a joint by the police (one black and one white by the way). Neither were shackled when they appeared. Personally with so much serious crime, I think that sort of nonsense is a waste of the magistrate’s time. I think Bahamas Press jumped all over this because the guy is white and an FNM. That must be why I never bothered with them until recently. Definitely NOT fair and balanced and very judgmental. Bet there’s been scores of folk who tiefed current before (some never got caught!) but they are quick to hang Wrinkle out to dry. Hmmmm…..just sayin!

  3. Anyone can be arrested and charged in this community. Production of evidence is another matter. These illiterate goons in public corporations are messing up innocent people’s lives. Like someone commented before, there are poles, electricity, telephones and water supplying illegal structures in shanty towns, and no one is charged.

  4. Let us not politicize this matter. Remember, if the FNM was trying to get him off scot free; then he would have never been hauled before the courts.Criminal acts are committed by FNMs and PLPs.If Wrinkle is indeed guilty, then he will be punished.

  5. I can believe it! I am in agreement with all of BP responses!!

    This man should be cuffed at the ankles as well. He talks these big talks on TV and then goes out and steals! He broke the law and should be treated as such. Of course, we all know why he was walking downtown freely trying to hide his face. Hommie, WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

      • Mannn what happen to your’ll, that man white. we dont hand cuff white people. Remember white is right. Could someone say if he is Bahamian.

    • Good Question. Walking aroun on Bank lane like a free bird. NO PICTURE IN THE TRIBUNE! DAS SOMETHING EH? I tell yinner long time, the MEDIA in the Bahamas is WUTLESS!


  6. Wow. It was sickening to see Paul Moss in handcuffs when so many criminals are walking for big time crimes now this Wrinkle being treated like he is presumed innocent. What is up with the system?

    • We just saw where Cable 12 News did carry the Wrinkle story tonight. We now must wait and see if the same will follow through in the papers.

      And if he was ‘thiefin’ from BEC das mussy why my bill was $20 higher last month. SMT!


  7. This one I couldn’t pass up, so who has been charged with the BEC pole in the middle of the FireTrail Road Haitian Village which burnt down, in December 2010? Come on people we need to get it right, maybe BEC should check with some more of these Haitian Villages to see where they extracting power from.

    • Jodi we still asking that question but PAPA and the FNM MEDIA is not concerned with it one bit.


  8. No one is above the Law, but if that is really Stephen Wrinkle, I cry shame because I know his family and the man gat moneyyyyy, why steal? the rich get richer by not spending and the poor get poorer because we better pay if we want the services that we need.

    • NOT a DAMN WORD said in tonight’s news. What does that tell ya about the FNM Media when one of its own getting hookup in the system? They reported when Paul Moss got arrested, but mums the word when Stephen Wrinkle gets charged. Things that make ya go HMMMMMM!

      • BP, extracting electricity by a private individual, seems hardly news worthy compared to a political leader being caught with an unlicensed firearm.

        • Well want about the one where Erin Ferguson was carried down Bay Street for a Traffic Ticket violation? They carried that!


        • Extracting electricity is news worthy..if your name is WRINKLE, a snake is a snake whether big snake or small snake it is still a snake, likewise a crime, whether big or small it is a crime!!!

        • GF: You are exactly what we refer to when we say “You cannot argue with stupid!” Either you are stupid or just plain stupid.

  9. At least the justice system is fair,I think. If he broke the law then he should pay the penalty or go to jail.I hope he pays the penalty, if he is guilty of course. Remember, you are innocent til proven guilty. So let’s not judge or condemn the man.Let the system take its course.

    • Perfectly said. If he is guilty he should suffer the consequences. If he and Paul Moss are guilty they should both suffer the consequences. My point on this matter to everyone else it that gun crimes carry a stiffer sentence, hence the handcuffs!! This has nothing to do with politics

      • CO: The only thing obvious here is that you are biased in your reasoning. What makes Wrinkle’s alleged crime any less serious than any other? If it ain’t political, then left the chips fall where they may.

        It is ALLEGED that Moss and Wrinkle did what they are accused of doing. Why should Wrinkle be given a free pass? He like many others should experience the ‘walk of shame’ and should not be given any special treatment due to his name, skin color or political affiliation.

  10. Captain Obvious; why don’t you guys stop always trying to cover up for these FNM big wigs. If he were a PLP supporter you would have all kinds of reasons why he should be in both handcuffs and shackles. All prisoners, when they are being charged before the courts, are taken in the court in handcuffs. That’s the way the law works. Wrinkle should have been in handcuffs, no question about that. BP must have been mistaken about that; BP probably didn’t see the CUFFS.

  11. It seems that only a few people in this country comprehends the definition of Crime.
    Many confuse the criminal acts with the actual definition.

    Crime is a violation of law. (THAT IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE)
    Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority.

    At the end of the day we all must realize that there is always TRUE, Justice and Divine Vengeance in pursuit of Crime.

    On the other hand, Criminalization
    Is a procedure deployed by society as a pre-emptive, harm-reduction device, using the threat of punishment as a deterrent to anyone proposing to engage in the behavior causing harm.

    This is the solution for our problem.
    It all stems from SIN!




      • BP: Seems like the creepy-crawlies have once again crawled out from their dark recesses to defend one of their own. Silly season in full bloom!

  12. Tell me anybody else stealing, beside Stephen Wrinkle? This man has monies……He was a big thing at Sandals and now he mix up with that Bahamar thing right? This government was good to him. Man! Don’t do it!!!! BP, you sure that wasn’t a look like, you know everybody get imposters these days.

    • No, I believe I mixing this man up with Stephen Zadie the General Manager of the Sandals Royal Bahamian, I don’t know why I always mixing these two men up, but Stephen Wrinkle is the president of the Bahamas Contractors Association and plus he dealing with that BTVI project to train workers for Bahamar. Man, this man making change, Either way, I don’t expect him to be robbing the government like this, after how kind and considerate this government has been to him.

    • traffic tickets vs stealing electricity — does that pass your smell test Captain Obvious? I think when they grabbed the young man Erin Ferguson, they cuffed him and paraded him along Bay Street. Let the laws apply to all, let the process apply to all.

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