Another FNM vows to never VOTE FNM again shifts to the DNA…News Happening now Around the world


Newest DNA member Laura Lowe vows to never support the FNM ever again.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting another FNM has left the Party and gone DNA. BP reports former FNM general and ZNS employee, Laura Lowe, has now gravitated to the DNA.

Lowe, one of the many workers FIRED by the FNM government from the BCB, was seen Monday evening cheering at the DNA’s Crime Town Meeting. Lowe is pictured in the photo above embracing Wayne Munroe following his lecture at the live event. Readers would remember the bloodbath and vicious axing of workers at ZNS occurred late last year. Lowe along with the brother of Dr. Hubert Minnis were the first to be terminated at ZNS. Lowe stood powerless but tearful in the yard at ZNS as she watched her co-workers axed away one by one and chopped down like a cherry tree by the FNM government.

A new flam on the block, Captain Randy Butler with Job Seminars? Or was it another DNA event in secret to collect names and numbers? People who prey on the unemployed are not Honourable men.

FNMs proclaimed, “THE PARTY IS OVER AT ZNS!” While the former FNM Laura could be hear telling Jerome Sawyer as they embraced in the parking lot, “JEROME DEY FIRE ME!”

Meanwhile, DNA organizers are also hosting a series of job seminars as they seek to lure the unemployed into the Party’s tent. DNA prospective candidate for North Andros, Captain Randy Butler, owner of Sky Bahamas yesterday invited scores of unemployed persons to a Job Seminar and has the participants filling out applications for jobs all day. NOT ONE ATTENDEE WAS HIRED! We find this action by Captain Butler to be deceitful and WICKED! Why prey on the UNEMPLOYED if you know you will not hire them?

Scores filled out information cards all to be placed into the DNA information database. If ya ga use people as pawns tell them! And guess who also attended the so called “JOB SEMINAR”? you guessed it, the DNA leader himself, Branville McCartney.

Ya know, mama use to say something often; YOU SHOULD NEVER PREY ON THE WEAK and disenfranchise the poor.

An explosion Rock-away New York believed to be that of a plane crash

Breaking News HAPPENING NOW <<< Bahamas Press is reporting a huge explosion believed to be that of a plane crash just minutes ago in Rock-away New York. A BP agent is now racing to the scene at this hour. Standby for details as EMS crews are also racing into the area…

Sir Arlington Butler BLACKLISTED from the Stadium Opening

Sir Arlington Butler, the former President of The Bahamas Olympic Association, was scratched off the guest list for the opening of the new National Stadium last night. Friends close to Sir Arlington tell us his blacklisting from the opening was a testament of the hate the FNM has for one of their founding members.

The man who gave over 30 years to sports, Sir Arlington Butler, denied an invitation to the Stadium Opening…WHAT A COUNTRY!

Mangrove Cay Residents want Autonomy

Well What the hell is this? The people of Mangrove Cay is requesting the full autonomy from South Andros District. The Minister for Local Government was asked about the matter tonight by ZNS, and the “Preschooler” Byron Woodside response was, “I am not authorized to speak to the matter. Well WHAT THE DEVIL IS THIS? A minister can’t speak? Ingraham cut out dey balls and they tongue too? MUDDOS!

Obama Cancels Afghanistan War…33,000 troops recalled back to US

United States President Barack Obama

Breaking News HAPPENING NOW: ALL 33,000 troops now in Afghanistan will leave in a draw down beginning next month! THANK YOU JESUS YOU HAVE ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS! OBAMA acknowledges It is time to save AMERICA, The Bahamas and the world from financial destruction!

Crime Updates here in Nassau, Bahamas


In two separate incidents, officers of the Mobile Division arrested five (5) men reference to firearm and drugs.

In the first incident, four (4) men spent the night in police custody after they were found in possession of a handgun while in Montel Heights.
According to police reports shortly before 4:00 pm on Tuesday 21st June, 2011 officers were on routine patrol in the Montel Heights area when they observed a Nissan vehicle occupied by the males acting suspiciously.

It is reported that one of the males on seeing the officers threw an object from the vehicle and sped off. A short while later police caught up with the vehicle, which was occupied by the men ages, 32, 24,23, and 18 years.

A search of the area where the object was thrown revealed a handgun and ammunition.

In the second incident, a 22 year old male of Fox Hill was arrested after he was found in possession of a quantity of suspected Marijuana.
Officers of the Mobile Division made the arrest sometime around 7:00 pm on Tuesday 21st June, 2011 while in the area of Fox Hill Road south.
Active police investigations into both matters continue.


Officers at Matthew Town Inagua arrested two (2) men overnight, one for shop breaking and the other for dangerous drugs.
In an operation that commenced sometime around 10:30 pm on Tuesday 21st June, 2011 and into the early hours of Wednesday 22nd June, 2011 officers on that island sent a clear message to persons known to engage in criminal activities, as well as those with intentions of breaking the law, that you will be caught and placed before the courts.

At the conclusion of the operation, officers arrested the men after recovering a quantity of stolen goods from one home, and discovering the other with a quantity of suspected marijuana. Police at Inagua encouraged the residents of that island to partner with them as “Working together we can make a safer Bahamas for all”.


  1. bran can only select ppl who he can control like his papa.bran is dumb to the fact of many serious issues that face are country.btc is one of them it is not that he has coconut and that he left his party or ship when they needed him and when it started to sink.why i say this simple just by the way he answer a call and a dna voter on the btc matter.he said it is a done deal which means that he was all for it being sold but knew he wanted to be leader and it was a fine time to leave his family of 25yrs.i call that selfish and sad.going gold is the only way out of this hell hole.don’t forget bran was a part of the fnm party and agree with everything they did until he wanted to be leader.just something to think about when you are looking up to someone.


  3. BP stop talking s***! Stop hating on Mr. Bran and leave Capt. Randy Butler alone. You’ll jealous of Mr. Ban because he has coconuts yeh! Deal with those ballless men in the house who can’t speak their mind and is just like puppets on strings. Captain Butler is looking our for young bahamians be trying to secure some sort of employment, whereas the gov’t isn’t. The gov’t only talking about training, but after completing training, where are the jobs to go on. Deal with real issues and stop hating. Your attitude is just like PAPA?

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