Another bloody weekend in the capital with one dead Friday and two more gunned down Sunday evening…

file photo…

NASSAU | Bahamas Press can report police are busy Sunday night where we know the victim shot in that Garden Hills community is a juvenile.

We can confirm around 10pm a young male- age 15 years – was shot following multiple rounds of gunfire into his direction. He was hit to the side. Some 10 police patrol vehicles have responded to that scene, however BP has not been given any further update by police. The victim’s condition is unknown. This is a developing report.

In a second report BP’s eye in the skies can report a young girl is in the road on Boyd Road. She was shot three times in the back by unknown suspects on the run. While the condition of the female is unknown still, she is in the road not moving with plenty plenty blood soaking in the street and running into the drainage.

EMS were called in both incidents but no update from detectives on what happened or even if the victims are alive has come. CRIME IS DOWN YA SEE!

The bloodshed and carnage comes following one of the most bloodiest weekends the country has seen in weeks. This weekend in particular some five persons were shot and one is dead between Friday night and Saturday morning alone.

In that Friday incident four women on Second Street were all shot up in a vehicle. Then a male was fatally shot on Lyon Road in the Kemp Road area. That victim become the country’s the 23rd homicide victim.

We report yinner decide!