Another Canadian Bank in uproar

The Central Bank of the Bahamas

Dear BP,

I thought I was done trying to help those I left behind, but this Old Sad Lion still has a few roars left in it.  

That Racist, Bald Head Canadian has raised his head once again and showed his disdain for the hardworking friends and colleagues I left behind at big blue.  He is a firm believer in the old saying, “Bahamians need not apply!”  They hide behind our own rules, buy homes, get straight and lock Bahamians in place with no room for growth or movement.  They think they slick, but this sad Lion have something for them.

Friends, the sad lion has learned that a foreigner from Trinidad has been placed in charge of our beloved finance company as Managing Director; all orchestrated by the bald head racist from his “ivory tower” at Albany.  What’s worse is that the government approved the work permit for this Trinidad Man.  Well, I didn’t vote for that!

After years of working so hard to bring the bank to a level of outstanding service, I have to hear people attack me for the very poor service at “Big Blue.”  We have become known for long, slow lines, debit cards without a chip, and ATMs that only know how to give big bills.  Apparently, even the Scotia Gal who run the bank didn’t even know the foreign boy was coming to run a local Bahamian business.  SAY WHAT!  How do you not let the Managing Director know you blowing up the bank?

Boy, BP, like you always say, “if you don’t laugh, you will cry!”  This bald head man overlooked dozens of qualified, competent Bahamians to bring in a flunky who will just do his bidding.  BP, I understand that all of the staff was in shock when they announced the decision, especially since the understudy and natural pick was not even a consideration.  I don’t want to say all, but this new crew of Canadians seem to have a problem with strong educated Bahamians, especially the men. 

What makes this matter more sickening is that the Bald Head expat had a big party to welcome this foreign Trinidad guy to the country; all while the rank and file at the bank can’t even cover buying the essentials.  The staff is overworked, trying to make a system that is broken make sense.  They say life work balance!  And being over worked while head office corporate talking fool. 

I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that our beloved local company is now in the hands of a Trinidad Man from a region that sees Bahamians as being dumb and not deserving of the lifestyles we have, or the fact that this Bald Head Canadian is allowed to do all this mess with the permission of the government.  

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The disrespectful treatment of the Bahamians at these Canadian banks needs to stop, especially this one!  The work permits for these clowns need to be revoked. These fellas don’t need to go, THEY HAVE TO GO! 

The Chairman (that Silver Haired Fox) and his local board are all complicit.  You let this bald head expat in here to build a kingdom, oppressing staff, holding back qualified Bahamians, and surrounding himself with lapdogs, running around the country bragging about his boat!  

Minister Mitchell, this is especially for you…you need to take a closer look at Big Blue and the Golden Cat.

Yours faithfully

The Sad Lion