Another case of Child molestation in the Southern Bahamas


MICAL Bahamas — Bahamas Press is now reporting a second PE teacher of Trinidad origins is under investigations by the Ministry of Education and the Police.

BP can tell you the physical education teacher is alleged to have molested a 9th grader at a school in the Southern Bahamas.

Early reports tell us the educator is now in custody and members of the RBPF investigative teams along with other government agencies have been dispatched to the island to investigate the incidents.

We are told the incidents are reported to have occurred last week Thursday. Education officials here also tell us heavy reprimand has already come down on the accused. He was dismissed today from the education department.

Bahamas Press warns all educators to remove themselves from the system if the see they have a problem working with children!




  1. It doesnt make it alright for you to accuse gays of preying on little boys either, thats like saying all straight females prey on little boys or all straight men prey on little girls. And just because someone is accused of something, doesnt mean they are really guilty. Anyone can say anything they like, and this is starting to sound like there is an echo in this country now – good luck teachers cause yall gonna need it. As to Bahamian women, yes I find the real women appealing, just not the hairy man like ones LOL

    • I agree with you, newsman. Teachers in this country will need all the luck they can get or better yet they need to get on their knees and pray to God because it seems as if now anyone can make any accusation against them and it’s automatically facts.

  2. This island is full of brothers on the down low… So you already know what that means… Ladies, hide your kids, hide your husband’s, hide the cats and the dogs because those butt pirates are coming!

    • Hate to break it to you ghetto woman, but we got more lesbos in Nassau than homos, yall chocolate females starting to look like man now, all hair and ting on yall legs and under arms .. mustaches and wearing man clothes .. YUCK!!

      • I’m sorry to hear that about your people’s. And just because you don’t find your Bahamian women appealing, doesn’t make it alright for one to prey on these little boys… What if that was your son or relative? SMH…

  3. well on the evening news lionel sands and elma garraway lied to shenique miller that they dont no about the inagua incident
    this nonsense must stop
    i am sick of this
    who cares for small people
    good thing he ain nuttin to me cause i would a cut his backside

  4. It’s amazing to hear how everyone has already convicted this teacher. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Sad to say we do have kids who spin webs of lies and are quite vindictive. I’m not in defense of either side but always remember there are 2 sides to every story and things are not always as they seem.

    • its the typical witch hunt, but instead its against “sissys”. We are so backward here we believe anything people say, one mention of the word “sissy” and they want to stone someone to death. ahh my .. MY Bahamians .. what a bunch of dummies we are. Sitting around on our lazy butts on a dead end island believing and spreading rumors, we dont even have any real news media and we just believe what some morons feed us by way of text on some free blog or other web sites .. what a wutless existence that must be. Most that are so up in in arms calling for the death of another over a story are criminals themselves but it seems to make them feel better or they think the light will be taken off them and their acts of crime by pointing the fingers of hate towards others. Sounds alot like Islamic Terrorists, they would do well living under the Taliban, another pack of dumb animals.

    • i quite agree with bonnie what happens to innocent until proven guilty we point fingers at the teacher what about that 9th grader background we do have kids that sin a web of lies please remember innocent until proven guilty

  5. you so right trouble by this how can a parent ok nasty dirt like this your children is worth more then few penny and a bottle of rum come on people no wonder we have so much crime the youth are rebelling too much dirt father sleeping with their daughter mother sleeping with their sons come on people god is mad

  6. its bout time they need to get rid all dem pedophiles within education system the church social service and any other organization where they r in contact with children. and we wonder why the children aint learnin nothin and pleny crime ran here cause adults too busy f-ing da chillin. ppl please do ya job and find ur company if yall need it dat bad pay a professional consenting adults

  7. We are only concentrating on teachers, there are many other adults who are taking the youth away from these children and it is a sad thing. But look at some of these parents who are allowing these children to bring things home and see there kids with stuff they diden’t give them. no questions ask because they are not involved enough with there children. PUNISH THE PARENTS 2!!

  8. When you play with puppy they lick your mouth…..If there is evidence that this occured and the authorities has the proof that individual needs to be locked up and taken out of the Eduction System. See what happened in Freeport, BIRBAL (the EMR teacher found Guilty of un-natural sex with minors) fled the country after being taken out of Education System and was found months later in New York.
    Lock these people up and stop covering up their mess.

  9. I agree with no name i no of a police officer who have a girl from cc sweeting living with him. he drop her to school evey morning and pick her up every evening. they need to do something about this

  10. It was reported that the acused teacher was transfered from Anadros for samilar incidences that were never oficially investigated. It was also reported that several chldren in Inagua went to the principle about him, however he hid it until a parent went to the police this time.

    • Ms or Mr m allen you need to stop going on hear say if they could investigate everyone elase what make him so different so you trying to say that the people in andros are stupid because they didnt report it or the law just didnt do there job hear say is a very serious thing an us bahamians like things like that and that is why we as bahamians always in problems so stop on if it was reported it was never on the news

    • @ M Allen it’s obvious you are from Inagua, spewing things that you hear on the street and that you have no evidence of. AND … you can’t spell to save your life! Next time please consult a dictionary, if you own one, that is.


  12. If I were a senior official in MOE, I would take steps to publish the EXTENSIVE MEASURES Human Resources Professionals take during the painstaking task of conducting complete and thorough background checks on these PERVERTS posing as Educators. The question will be raised sooner or later. This couldn’t have been his first time commiting these ungodly acts!

    This is PARADISE, and indeed, it is better in the Bahamas, but expats need to be told, we have BUBBA and ‘Goat Pepper’ Laced Vaseline at the plush accomodations of Fox HELL Prison if they came to party on that level.

    Stay out of our schools

    I only shudder to think how many of these incidents go unreported and lives are forever damaged. These will be some, who in time will make up the criminal element of this country as they’ve grown up BITTER and BROKEN.

    • there are lots of cases reported but because some of the nasty bastard who commit the crime are either friends with who ever in charge or money been hand to cover it up, so many under hand things going on in this Bahamas it time we stand up for young people let them live a full life stop robing the kids look at the prison officer who impregnate his daughter the child is now 17 did any one report it or because he is a uniform man no one care, when you see things and go to the station to report it they look at you as if you crazy so what do we do then the officer don’t want to look in to the matter

  13. we got plenty walking a round in coat suit and police uniform wont leave the kids alone allow them to have a life you see why crime cant done becuse of some of these same grown nasty bastard

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