Another child fights off an abductor as she walked to school in Flamingo Gardens yesterday


Marco Archer - 11-year-old found dead in Yorkshire Drive in Western New Providence.

Nassau, Bahamas — A report of a foiled abduction of a 10-year-old girl was filed yesterday, as the primary school student fought off her abductor.

Bahamas Press has learnt the student was just minutes away from the Gerald Cash Primary School when a car pulled up alongside her, and the driver attempted to pull her into the car. The incident has enraged a father in the Flamingo Gardens community as he told reporters the incident has now caused him to think twice about allowing his child to walk to school alone.

Bahamas Press has noted a series of abductions of young students have occurred in the country, where many are being molested by these ‘dutty’ sexual predators roaming the streets of the capital.

Over three weeks ago a sick man abducted 11-year-old Marco Archer and murdered the six grade student of Columbus Primary School student just after school that Friday afternoon. Prior to that incident, two separate incidents of abductions occurred with two more primary school boys, who lead police to a home in Cable Beach pointing to the apartments where they were taken and molested.

Bahamas Press is advising all residents to take their children to school as many of these incidents go unreported in the WUTLESS LAME STREAM MEDIA! ZNS and the Tribune reported not a lick of the report, which has been filed to the police.

The young girl is reportedly traumatized following the ordeal, however, she is safe. The matter was reported to the Carmichael Road Police Station where a complete description of the culprit has been filed.

Bahamas Press is calling for a sexual registry to be established in the Bahamas so residents can know and track sexual predators when they are released back into the society.


  1. The father needs his own head examined. He is allowing his TEN year old daughter walk home alone after school..and this only weeks after the horror we all experienced with Marco.
    Sad. very sad. Thanks to God for delivering the child from what took place. But, call Sandilands for Daddy.

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