FNMs trying to help FNMs at the Public Expense?


Nassau Bahamas — We watched in awe the mudslinging between two FNMs in the Parliament today. The member for South Abaco, Mr. Edison Key, indicated that he did not know about, Branville McCartney, or Halsbury Chamber and or Don Saunders. We wonder why? They were all candidates for the same party in the 2007 general elections. They must have met at council meetings and on the platform.

Mr. Key also went on to say that he did not know that Mr. McCartney was a Cabinet Minister. We find this incredible and beyond belief! Candidates of the same party, sitting in the same council, sitting on the same side of the House and running as candidates together and they don’t know each other? Hmmmmm…something is fishy here and it is not Potter’s Cay Dock.

Could it be that Mr. Key was instructed to help out a broke FNM Candidate? Could it be that Mr. Key was instructed to assist, Mr. Don Saunders, who ran unsuccessfully against Mr. Shane Gibson? Is it possible that Mr. Saunders did no work for the money and benefited form the public purse because he was an FNM?

Was Mr. Saunders asked to resign from Halsbury Chambers? Could it be because he did no work?

We here at BP ask Branville McCartney and Edison Key to come clean on this matter, even if they come roughdry.

We save this question for Papa. How is it possible for a Cabinet Minister to be given a government contract? Do you not see the Conflict of Interest?

Alas, when thieves and rouges fallout good men come by their right. We enjoyed the spectacle this morning and wait to hear from Mr. Don Saunders.



  1. I am a Bahamian living in the USA and it saddens me to listen to the debate in the honorable house of assembly between Mr. Edison Key and Branville McCartney. i must say Branville was very rude and in my opinion he is a TOTAL JACKASS

  2. what if i told yall certain members of the FNM (former PLPs) is orchestrating this whole sham to destroy the FNM. Remember what Ingraham told Christie when he was bein challenged back in 2009 at the PLP’s convention. Read between the lines and look at all the players involved. Ingraham is deliberately destroying the FNM!!!! Call me a conspiracy theorists but Edison Key’s response to Bran was when he let the cat out the bag!

    • You need no calculating theory to suggest such just look at what PAPA doing to the FNM and you would answer your own concerns there,


    • This is what I really think happened. After Bran made his contribution, Edision Key, in his old age is at the point in life where he just let’s loose on sensitive information. As a result, he attempted to bash BranM, which he did, but he opened a can of big slimy worms!
      He may be suffering some first stage Alzheimer’s disease. Think about it, he said he didn’t know this, and didn’t know that when it should have been common knowledge that Bran sat alongside him and the FNM team countless times. I knew that Bran owns Halsbury Chambers, and I never even met the brother in real life. This old man trying to tell his he didn’t know Bran was this and didn’t know that?
      I would suggest that Mr. Key visit the nearest hospital and have a complete physical done. After that, retire off into the sunset by the Crossing in Marsh Harbour. At his age, anything is possible…

      Nevertheless, while the soap opera unfolds between the FNM/DNA… it’s just a smokescreen because in the end.. only one will emerge victoriously! DNA? DNA is in my genes, it won’t be on that paper when I vote!

      PLP all the way…. allll the wayyyyy, PLP allllllll thheeee wayyyyyyyyyy.

      Register now and let’s vote these FNM jokers out!

      • Presumably Mr Key made those revelations believing that they would only damage Mr McCartney and the DNA. However, the revelations raise more questions about FNM corruption than about Mr McCartney’s fitness to be Prime Minister. The only potential winner from this shameful display in that place is the PLP. I sincerely hope that the PLP leadership is sagacious and extracts the maximum benefit from this political windfall.

  3. This sounds like a bunch of hog wash by Mr.Key and Mr.Mccartney. Firstly why didn’t Mr.Key do a background check before paying any money. Also it is very confusing that both men are in the same party, but don’t know one another. Again why is this only coming out now that the minister for Bamboo town is not a part of the FNM. Would the Bahamian people ever know of this transaction if Mr. Mccartney still in the same party as the member for south Abaco. Both men are guilty and the story sounds very fishy.

    • YOU ARE SO RIGHT-ON MR. EDWARD….WHOMEVER YOU ARE. I read all of the posts, and this one seems to be right on the problem…..why is this information being released to the CONFUSED Public NOW?!! Sounds like a campaign slogan!!! I don’t know who will be destroyed, if at all anybody, but the cat is out of the bag and somebody needs to do damage control!

  4. What was really amazing was that Mr Key said they paid him a retainer fee of $5,000.00, claimed that the firm did nothing, yet after being billed for another $5,000.00 they paid that. However, after paying out $10,000.00 then they realize no work was done so they refused to pay the $1,200.00

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