Another cleric on the island of Grand Bahama has gone rogue, sexing every young gal he could pray for!

Why do priests wear a white collar?
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FREEPORT| The nasty pastor who hails from the motherland recently was transferred out of Andros and into Grand Bahama after getting a teen pregnant is back to his wicked ways and has turned off founding members of his church. 

This pastor had recently married a beautiful Long Island gal just before the infidelity in Andros took place. But, if that was not bad enough, the second chance pastor has gone from bad to worse. The Bishop believed the preacher should be given a second chance for his behaviour but what has changed?

The preacher is having a difficult time adapting to western culture and settling down with one woman. He has now gone rogue all through the church; tripping down the single and vulnerable like a wolf attacking innocent sheep.

The whoring ways of the preacher are so bad that founding members of the established Grand Bahama church have refused to have their loved ones buried in the parish.

In fact, a recent death of one of the founding members saw an entire family leave the ministry and have their loved one churched in another parish to protest their disgust and displeasure with the rogue preacher and his dangerous sexual advances to the innocent inside the church. 

Senior members of the church have called on the Bishop of the denomination to tame this wild animal from the whoring jungle ways he has adopted as normal; destroying the credibility of the church and damaging the once good name of the parish!

Imagine that: in the time of COVID, with all this death, joblessness and suffering around the world, the Ministers of the Gospel are all over the place planting seeds and destroying lives in the process. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YINNER?!

We ga report and let yinner decide!.