Another company rips tax dollars and crushes young Bahamians


fri-t8-copy<<< The vehicle used by a film company, which operates illegally by the county. The company, which hails from Florida, is now under an intensive investigation by Bahamas Press. Seen here is a vehicle of the operation being driven on Paradise Island.

Nassau, Bahamas — Members of the Bahamas film community are very upset and have now called on Bahamas Press to take up their fight.

Everyone knows Bahamas Press is not one to take sides, however, when we began to read the documents exposing this deep investigative story, we saw something we could not avoid reporting. Information now in our possession, continues to pour into our garbage tins, reveals how a single foreign company has crushed opportunity for a group of young professional Bahamians.

Bahamas Press has in its possession information, which confirms also how The Bahamas Government, through its Customs Department, has been ROBBED of much needed tax dollars. Our sources also confirm a foreign entity is now operating here in the country, ILLEGALLY, and is hogging up international business on a daily whilst blocking young local filmmakers.

How could this business operate in the country and at the same time defraud the Treasury of The Bahamas? This just blows us away!

Bahamas Press also understands the Bahamas Film Commissioner, Craig Woods, was brought up-to-date on this illegal film company, but we asks what has been done?

Bahamas Press warns both the Commissioner and operators of this ILLEGAL business now operating in the country to quickly do the right thing or face the wrath of Bahamas Press and the Government of The Bahamas, one time! How could any company walk in the country, defraud the government of taxes and at the same time kick to the curb young professional Bahamians? How could that happen?

Bahamas Press demands an IMMEDIATE correction of these concerns or we publish a scathing review on THAT entity and every individual associated with the MASSIVE RIP-OFF of Government Tax Dollars from the Customs Department!

A word to the wise is sufficient!


  1. Wow! Me too! I just saw the pic … Actually i shot this pic! … and i’m not getting anything from anybody for this!
    Here’s my 2 cents!
    International companies shouldn’t be allowed to enter and work without PROPER SUPERVISION or … guess what … somebody is going to get screwed! Which happened in this sisuation! I know I was there! I saw them doing it! But it seemed like someone turned their head and held out their hand on this one! I later found out some where fired over this!
    BottomLine: Someone is responsible for control over who and what enters the country! Look to them first!
    As for the truck the Florida Patrol in my State will take the Truck and Auction it if they don’t want it! I say the money for the cost of the Truck donate to some Bahamian Film Organization that supports local artist! But that’s just me! I love shooting in the Bahamas!

  2. WOW!, just saw this. That’s is a serious matter and it must be dealt with rt away. This to me is stealing opputunities from the Bahamian people and robbing the Bahamian goverment!!

    In my book that’s a CRIME!!WOW.

  3. It’s about time that someone speaks out about things like this.
    Something needs to be done about this.

    We need to make an example out of the people who come into our country disobey our laws and disrespect our people like this. And also if there’s any Bahamian helping these people to steal from the country in this way, they should be punished also.

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