Another Crisis on North Bimini, NO GAS!


This gas station in Alice Town Bimini is idle as no gas is now available on the north island. The island is reportedly at a stand still with no gas powered cars are on the road. The crisis is hitting tourist hard also as many vessels are currently stranded on the island.

Bailey Town, Bimini – Residents on Bimini contacted Bahamas Press reporting that the island has come to a complete stop. Many claimed that there is no gas on the island both cooking nor car fuel. Gas supply on the island had been depleted since Wednesday causing the economy on that island to slow to a full complete stop.

“Last night all taxi drivers could not move any tourist throughout the island, there has been no shipment of gas to the island, and still we don’t know when it will come.” One resident told Bahamas Press.

Car fuel on the island is sold for around $6.75 per gallon, an already high price for residents. However, another resident claimed that there are scores of yachts and vessels now on the island and people are beginning to panic as vessels cannot leave due to the crisis. “I had to disconnect my gas tank from outside, when I realize there was no gas on the island. What is now bound to happen here if something is not quickly done, is that we can sink into chaos again. What are these tourist going to do now there is no gas and they cannot move their vessels?” the resident told Bahamas Press in a shaking tone.

Gas on South Bimini is the only near supply now being taxied to some boat owners at the Bimini Bay Resort on the northern island, however that limited supply will most likely be depleted before the Saturday, and no one knows when the next shipment of gas will reach the island. “This limited supply however cannot fill the need for other vehicular traffic that came to a stop since last night,” the resident said.


  1. Does anyone know the price or prices for gas and or diesel in Bimini in year 2011? This question asked in June 2011. I can’t imagine boating to Bimini and finding out your stuck. most pleasure boats under 32 foot simply don’t have enough gas to return. (Maybe if they skipped all their fishing trips?) No one wants to make it to Bimini and realize that they cant fish. I guess one could troll back to Florida. What a helpless situation. Last I was in Bimini water was $0.40 per gallon. What is it these days? I assume it must be near impossible to strike a fresh water table in the middle of the ocean? Or is it?

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