Another DNA candidate to drop the Party in Abaco


DNA leader Branville McCartney and Rodney Moncur at the DNA's Grill and Chill on Arawak Cay May 21st.

Another Candidate Dumps the DNA <<< Announcement coming soon!!!

Marsh Harbour, Abaco — Breaking News coming out of South Abaco. We can confirm tbe DNA candidate for the area shall leave the Party and return to the FNM, a party where he has deep family ties and which he also served in an official capacity prior to his resignation from its ranks.

The deal struck Saturday between the PM and the candidate for the DNA was sealed at the Abaco Beach Club on Winding Bay where the candidate played golf.

Bahamas Press broke the story on Friday as a special meeting was held to inform the candidate’s supporters of the meeting with the PM.

We can now tell you that, following that meeting, the candidate has visited and telephoned supporters in the South Abaco constituency, seeking their support for the transition.

The Democratic National Alliance is suffering from a serious dose of collapses where key candidate have either left or have been fired from the Party.

We report, Yinner Decide!


  1. The Prime Minister sold a HIGHLY PROFITABLE BTC to C&W at less than $ 1.63 per share!!! BTC was making a NET PROFIT between 40 and 50 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR,now this same Prime Minister wants to sell Bahamians shares in the NEW Arawak Cay Port Development at $10.00 PER SHARE!!!

    • The Prime Minister did not sell BTC he sold a percentage of it. We all know this, let’s grow up! And I think the Arawak Container Port project is an excellent business venture that Bahamians can invest in. It’s a good opportunity. I don’t like the PM that much but let’s be fair.

  2. BP..BP…please give it up…this is a new year..don’t start out making a fool of yourselves. Every day you are losing more and more credibility.
    Here is a partial quote from a thread from Roscoe Thompson III dated saturday @7:19pm “…..HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR AND BE CAREFUL…HAS IT OCCURRED TO YOU THAT PEOPLE MIGHT BE SETTING YOU UP.”
    BP…please check your sources carefully before you print these bogus reports.


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