Another Haitian Sloop lands on the Western shoreline


2494033-Haiti-coast-0Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News <<< Contrary to reports that no sloops from Haiti is headed to The Bahamas, BP is reporting tonight a Haitian sloop has just landed in the western shoreline of New Providence this evening. Sources on the ground tell us some 300 Haitians were on-board but have fled into the community.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham released more than 100 Haitians at the Immigration Detention Centre granting them temporary status.

Bahamas Press can confirm more than 40,000 residents of Port-au-Prince have fled the capital city for a better way of life following the devastating 7.0 earthquake. President of Haiti told international press some 200,000 citizens of his country could have perished as a result of the natural disaster.



  1. To Ronica7, no creole speaking person were on the telethon because no creole speaking persons were calling with any donations to the relief in Haiti……..Have you seen any open appeal from anyone in the Haitian community for help for Haiti. They don’t even help their own but we must be sympathetic towards all them. Can’t wait for the depotation to start again. It was refreshing to know that now they will be charged with illegal landing in the Bahamas, cause Bahamians we need to face it where will we run………………

  2. Nobody wants to do anything about it. Well that goes for our two biggest political parties. Bahamians lets stand together and do something about this. Time for a change.

  3. so many people fall for the HNIC act  but upon closer inspection this is all madness acting without precedent or consultation they have not the capacity to screen incoming people so the 5,000 criminals from the jail could be very well headed north but what does the big chieftan care? hiatians and bahamians alike should denounce this madness after all criminals on the loose are no one’s friend

  4. Letting so many illegals into the Bahamas is a plot contrived by the Foreign National Government (FNM) to prepare the Bahamas for forced inoculations of the H1N1 toxic 50% mercury vaccine, Minnis made an announcement on the News last nite. Watch and see where the new strain of virus is being incubated in Haiti, from the rot of so many corpses, is the perfect breeding ground for the deadliest manmade strains. We as Bahamians have been led by STUPIDITY FOR TOO LONG, THAT HAVE NO LOVE FOR BAHAMIANS!

    • Remember the stupid statement by PAPA that no illegal immigrants are to be picked up?Those who escaped the dragnet last evening can now easily assimilate into our society and commit horrible crimes without fear of retribution.PAPA must be condemned as he now tries to silence the still small voices in our society.Well Oswald Brown has been fired and he once was a diehard supporter of PAPA so watchout BP as we are next.

  5. If you do your history you will find out that our beloved PM is after all from Haiti too.Go to PineRidge, talk to the folks in McCleans Town and in Abaco…….Do a DNA test

    • Mr.Ingraham, has to be of Haitian origin!  I was wondering last night, as i watched some of the telethon why our government politicians has to man, the telephones. Why were no creole speaking persons manning the phones.? Pure politics.

  6. I just hope it is the peaceful ones and not those escape convicts or gang members that made it here, because when these people start committing their crimes and targeting our tourists, the international press are not going to waste time putting us on their blacklist and trying to stop their people from traveling here, they are not going to say it is those illegal Haitians immigrants that might have broken out of jail during the earthquake in Haiti that might be committing these crimes in the Bahamas. All they want know the crime happened in the Bahamas and they will take the rest from there.

  7. Why are we surprised? Wen tings were better in HAIti, the HAItians risked their lives to come to the Bahamas. So what should we reasonably expect after the earthquake. Only HAI (almost spells HAIti) believes he is God and all-knowing; so in his deluded way he  believes that because he says the Haitians will not come, they will not. Thjs man has clearly lost his mind and needs to GO promptly. My question is: Why should our hard working Immigration and Defence Force officers risk their lives capturing these HAItians, when HAI could easily wake up from his drunken stupor and let them go? I say let HAI catch the HAItians his damn self!!!!!

  8. Jack Thompson and Minister McCartney must buildup the testicular fortitude and resign.These men were already putting strategies in place at Inagua when know it all PAPA publicly berated them and tried to let all know he was the PM of the Bahamas.there is a saying that he who rides on the basck of the tiger to gain an advantage becomes its meal.I will not call for the resignation of PAPA as he does not have the decency to even think of that.Voters of Elizabeth prove to the rest of the Bahamas that you have had enough of this inferior being who knows more than any Bahamian.

    • Russell, I am in agreement with you on this. Bran McCartney and Jack Thompson needs to show Papa they don’t take what he did lightly and resign. After thinking about how hard Bran was working to get the problem with illegal immigrants under control and now for Papa to come and open the flood gates to them, it is definitely a slap in the face to the Minister of Immigration and the whole Immigration Department. See Papa think this is a game, but he is be in his bed sleeping when those immigration officers are out there risking their lives to catch these people in the wee wee hours of the mornings. Not all of those illegal immigrants is come with them willingly without a fight, sometimes you have to be wrestling with them and sometimes they is have weapons on them. I have two uncles that are immigration officers and I can recall them coming home enough times with their shirts torn off their backs with scrapes and bruises all over their face and body where they had to fight to arrest those people. Those officers and Bran is work hard, some people might feel like Bran was only using his position to gain popularity, which was not the case. Bran took his job seriously and he had placed fear in those illegal immigrants. All of them knew Bran by name, you only had to say the name Branville McCartney and they would be looking for places to hide. For the first time in a longtime the Department of Immigration had gained the respect of the Bahamian people and all illegal immigrants. I am telling you, Bran might have enjoyed a little PR stunt every now and then, but he wanted more than anything to set the record as the best Minister of Immigration this country has seen to date and he was making serious progress that is until Papa decided to get involved.

  9. BP how the hell did this happen? The defense force should have martialed its resources in Inagua, cut of the passage and check every boat and sloop that is entering Bahamian waters.

    Those Haitian sloops carrying illegals dont stop in Inagua to be check like they are supposed to. The thing is, we all know they are coming and they are still getting through. How can that be?

    What is scary is the Haitian prison was destroyed in the earthquake and all the prisoners escaped. I pray to god none of those prisoners make it to any boats departing Haiti.

    How ironic that the night of the telethon for Haiti, they Haitian invasion begins in the Bahamas!

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