Oswald Brown forced out of Guardian Group for comments against Ingraham Government


oswald-brown-copy.jpg<<< Oswald Brown

Nassau, Bahamas — BREAKING NEWS <<< Oswald Brown has been relieved of his duties at the Freeport News the sister company of The Nassau Guardian. The news comes as no surprise to Bahamas Press.

Brown on last week delivered a scathing rebuke on the Ingraham government saying the by-election will be a referendum on Ingraham’s leadership.

People in a society, which wants to be seen as a democratic one, would not have fired and blatantly VICTIMIZED a journalist who once –  an avid supporter of the FNM Government – has now decided to express an opinion which criticized the government. Brown was given the proverbial axe in an attempt to silence him. ‘Papa Doc’ Ingraham is a dictator and is living up to his name. This smells like desperation.

The Bahamas under Ingraham has returned to the mid-evil times when the society beholds the beheading of the innocent. NO OTHER JOURNALIST WILL REBUKE THE GOVERNMENT AGAIN! We will wait and see if anyone in the WUTLESS MEDIA will find the balls to defy Ingraham again.

Bahamas Press invites Brown to join our ranks and continue his contribution to Bahamasland. We will welcome Brown’s editorials and publish them on our over 5 million readers. The days of victimization are over!!!!!!!!!


  1. Brown’s firing was nothing to do with T Ferguson. It was cooked up by Ingraham and his friend Fanny Alexiou. Neither Ingraham nor Alexiou has any interest in freedom of the press. As for damaging the Guardian, that was done years ago by the so-called ‘consortium’ that bought it from the American guy. They have run the paper into the ground.

  2. Talk about censorship: BP is practicing it up in here every day! There is a doctrine in Law that says those who come must come with clean hands! Again, isn’t this the same Brown whom BP accused of 2 murders and 1 attempted murder?

  3. Brown was fired for daring to say what he said about PAPA.I am confused that PAPA who claims to have championed freedom of erxpression on the airways is now doing all in his power to trample those rights.PAPA is a prime candidate for a Commission of Enquiry when he is voted out come next General Elections.Someone pissed off Brown who in the very recent past would have done all in his power to champion the cause of PAPA and his band of lost men/women.Those of you who are singing PAPA,s  praises on this site beware as PAPA has apparently run out of PLPs to victimise and is now turning on his own.

    • …and indeed I will decide.  Problem is, far too many of your readers take in much of the garbage that you report as fact.  I understand your MO and am willing to sift through much of the nonsense to separate fact from fiction.

  4. Come On Yawl !!Is this a Spin Dr. Site or a blog of information to develop Human minds with facts that is reported responsibly.There were No 3 or 6 BOATs/ Sloops. Oswald Brown did not get fired for One Editorial. I ask myself on the One Boat that showed up, How da Hell they pass Exuma,Long Island,Acklins, Inagua, Dominica rep. and the US Navy that have all Bordres Sealed around Haiti. Investigate that and see if P M Ingraham have  sometthing to do with that.As for Brown, I have always thought that he was an Under-performer. He reminded me of those political consultants who get those cushy jobs and they show up at work read the papers, sharpen  box of pencils and go to lunch never to return.I did notice lately Brown as a bitter person. He should of gotten a Clue when he was sandbag with Olliee Ferguson walking in and telling him in the meeting that he was in charge and brown was demoted to Managing Editor. He held out long for an Under-Performer.

    • This site is the King of Spin.  What you say of Brown’s job performance makes sense.  I know Tony Ferguson, and think he treasures Freedom of Speech as much as I do.  But you have to admit that the timing of Browns termination was suspect.  For those of us who are not privy to the goings on at the newspaper, it certainy appeared that he was fired for the one article.  I’m willing to give Ferguson the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I smell a rat.  I read Mr. Brown’s article.  I agreed with his assessment of Ingraham’s temperament but disagreed with his opinion on Ingraham’s decision regarding the release of detainees.  Clearly,  this was  no cause for termination.  This is reminiscent of the Pinding era when you had to be careful what you say…and that is scarey.  Indeed, freedom of speech was the main issue that draw me to the FNM back in the early ’80’s.  I was proud of the opening of the airwaves by the FNM government in the early ’90’s, because I felt that, at last, the people cannot be silenced.  The ability of persons to speak their minds freely, without fear of victimization, is critical to the health of our democracy.  I might disagree with your opinion, but I would fight like hell for your right to express it. 

  6. just the other day yall was callin him scared a murder and he was writing about the victimisation of moon mcphee nah he is an apparent victim but the official line is he is retired…….pappa bag a tricks gat the place in a right ole state of confusion

    • Now I ga tell yinner something, despite our wars with Brown we shall launch a VICIOUS ATTACK AGAINST the media and the Ingraham government if they don’t come clean on this!


      THAT’s ya first warning shot!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Altec, I going to try make some money, before these people take over completely. I will check BP later to see if there is any new developments.

  8. But Kim, inspite of what HAI said, there still should have been a plan to protect the boarders. When things were good, the illegals were coming here in droves. Now that things are terrible in Haiti, HAI, the Min of Immigration and the Dir of Immigration should have known and be prepared for what was to come.

  9. Kim, this is unacceptable. We all knew it was a matter of time before they came and the Immigration Department and the Defense Force seems to have taken Mr Ingraham at his word and not prepare for the influx!

    Kim, I cant believe this. I am dumb founded right now!

    From what I was told, its a 5-7 day trip on the boat from haiti, weather conditions permitting. How can 3-6 boats sail from Haiti all the way up to New Providence and not be detected? This has been going on for decades. We all know the shipping passage the boats will take, why are they not being intercepted at sea?

    Something is wrong Kim, totally wrong.

    • When Papa let them people out of the detention center that send a clear message to the rest back home, that it was okay for them to come here. Papa knew better than what he was telling us. Those people homes might have been destroyed in Haiti, but aint nothing happened to their boats, so what was going to prevent them from coming here?

  10. To tell you the truth Altec, I have been expecting them.  I am just surprise that Papa doesn’t have a welcoming committee out there to greet them as they are getting off the boats.

  11. Kim, i was told this morning that there are 3 boats, i came back here to see if BP had reported anything on this and he hasnt as yet.

    When i listened to the radio, Gibson said 6 boats in 48 hrs.I trust my source, but i want confirmation. Are there 3 or 6 boats?

    But the main thing is the Haitians, as expected, are coming and it seems as if we are not prepared.

  12. BP, i am listening to Shane Gibson on Love 97 and he said that 6 Haitians sloops has already landed in Nassau and Eleuthra in 48hrs.

    Didnt HAI siad there wouldnt be no influx?

    The Haitian invasion has begun!

    • As a former Minister of government, Shane Gibson should be more responsible than this.  It is really shameful that politicians are determined to politicize humanitarian issues for political gain. He seems willing to throw the whole country into complete hysteria by broadcasting rumours without any regard for the facts.  I tell you, it’s a crying shame!

  13. I cant wait to see the response from the easily led FNM supporters.URCA has now silenced any PLP broadcasts on radio ,what next?.PAPA is determined to take us back to the days of fair and only a mass demonstration on Bay St will get his attention.Free and fair elections will be held in Elizabeth and no new rules will stifle democracy in our country.Elizabethans I warned you of the approach of the ARMADA in your area but have no fear and dont be bought out just do not vote FNM.

  14. By all means welcome him.  BP doesn’t take sides when it comes to attacks neither should Mr. Brown.

  15. Now now  BP, do not be too hasty.  Yes, Mr. Brown’s last contribution was at least worthy of a pulitzer.  His past contributions have done much to damage his reputation as a writer and an overzealous supporter of the FNM.  If he has changed his ways and will contribute fairly, fine, welcome him with open arms.  Just be careful, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

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