Breakaway in the Anglican Communion of the Bahamas possible as Supreme Court found a priest lied about his age!




    i thnk your report is saying that the Supreme Court determined that the priest lied. This being established fact then the church corporate may have the right to sue the lying priest.  However, isn’t this the same priest involved in questionnable financial arrangements over the building of a school some years ago which caused the church financial hardship for decades. Is this not also the priest who took the crown land granted to the church and sold it for or actually built apartments for sale on it?  All I say is…..If it walks like a duck!!!…it likely to be a chicken.

  2. BP @ it once more… spining nothing.. just to get at people to support the PLP… how low can this go.. when will it stop… honestly in media is missing…

  3. I am not an Anglican so i have to ask, a priest lies about his age and the Anglican church in the Bahamas may split as a result? Am i missing something? If so then someone needs to fill in the blanks.

    Alrighty then!

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