Another homicide in the Farrington Road area – the 120th for the year!


Victim was in car when gunman opened fire on him…

Homicide victim in Farrington Road shooting is Javan Forbes.

Nassau – There was another homicide last night – the 120th event, according to our count, for the year.

According to reports, four people were sitting in a white Honda just after 9.30pm Friday night when another car pulled up behind them.

A lone gunman got out of the second vehicle and shot one of the four. Now BP is watching this area closely and police should take note that this section of New Providence [Farrington Road, near the area of Big 10 convenience store] appears to be a new hot spot in the capital.

This same area is not far from where an 8-year-old boy was killed while doing his homework this year. And just recently near Boyd Road, at the St. Joseph school parking lot, another man was shot while sitting in a vehicle. What is happening in this part of town to cause so much gun violence? This is a hotspot!

We report yinner decide!