Terrorists enter in a popular Bahamian nightclub and nothing are being done to fix this weekly problem!


Look at the patrons running for their lives….????

Nassau – In the name of promoting ‘GOOD ORDER AND PUBLIC SAFETY’ club goers have brought to Bahamas Press a serious and vexing problem that persists almost every week at a popular club on East Bay Street.

The Club Goers say: “Bahamas Press they say crime is down, but you guys are so right, crime reporting is down. This footage right here is a fight at the popular Tailgaters nightclub at the old 601 on Sunday past.

“This footage like every week before someone leaves out of this club seriously hurt. Just look how the public is fleeing for their lives all because someone is too drunk to behave. BP, I feel like something bad is soon going to happen at this club soon. Something extremely bad, and we want you to please use your national platform for some good and help save some lives. Please bring this to the public’s attention and let us know this is not a safe situation.”

Well, there you have it. And we ga ask one question: Will police now wait for someone to die before they question the license of this establishment? Why is it every week members of the public have to race for their life in this establishment?

We report yinner decide!