Chairman axes Authur Foulkes’ niece and hires her children’s Godmother as CFO of BPL!



BPL Chairman Darnell Osborne.

Nassau – If you want to find the party which fully believes in friends, family and lovers, then look deep into the FNM at the guilty bunch.

Bahamas Press has learned that the Minnis Administration has fired Cecile Green at BPL. She was sent home last week Friday with two other executives. But the FNM Chairman at BPL ain’t loyal.

As fast as Darnell Osborne sacked Cecile Green, she was replaced by the godmother of the Chairman’s children, Chandrice Ferguson. What in da hell is dis? “Goddie” in da chair?

Ferguson was present front and centre at the Chairman’s huge 50th birthday bash just one week before the axing at BPL. Is this appointment just a coincidence? Or is it a fulfillment of the creed of the FNM – FRIENDS, FAMILY AND DAMN LOVERS!

We hope the senior politician tells that to the Punch this coming week.

Meanwhile we at BP have assign a new investigative team at BPL and we want them to know Bahamas Press is gathering a file of the happenings down there. And ya know why? Cause the Public TRUSTS US!

We report yinner decide!

It’s dese people time!