Another hotel closes on Grand Bahama…25 workers sent home


k27612_ext_01_j<<< The Royal Palm Resort & Suite on Grand Bahama closed its doors last week.

Freeport, Grand Bahama — After a long week of lies, misinformation and spin, the FNM Convention closed out on a high note with the nation’s chief as the keynote speaker. Hubert Ingrahan told us all what was happening in China, America and Japan. Ingraham was clear as he gave information on how he delivered us into this mess, but what he could not tell us was how he would get us out.

Ingraham said not a word of encouragement to the people of Grand Bahama who he told in 2007 would receive a Cabinet minister to bat for them. And more importantly, Ingraham give the Bahamian people no update on struggling community in FNM Country!

He told us how the United States unemployment had now reached 10%, but could not tell us where unemployment stood in our beloved country.

Bahamas Press can now confirm the Royal Palm Resorts & Suite on East Mall & Settlers Way closed it doors on Tuesday. We’ve learned some 25 workers at the resort has been sent home, leaving only a small security staff in place to monitor the property. The resort is owned by Mario Donato and is said to have been suffering from low occupancies like every other on the island.zhivargo-laing-22

Listening to the FNM Convention one would believe the suffering was over on that island. Every member of the Grand Bahama caucus in the belly of Ingraham’s party said FNM Country was secure. They reported how ALL IS WELL in GRAND BAHAMA.

One shallow junior minister, Zhivargo ‘Crybaby’ Laing, went further to also deny on a talk show that no student was ever murdered in classrooms here in the country. He forgot the last of such murders took place at C.C. SWEETING HIGH, the school where the Prime Minister’s wife is Principal.

Could it be members of the FNM are living in such a bubble, they cannot see the decay of this Country? Or are they so detached from reality they are stuck stupid wearing 3D shades and are dressed in munchkins suits playing to the script of the ‘Wizard of Oz’?

These are some serious times, TOUGH TIMES, with WUTLESS LEADERSHIP!

We need Change!

NB: BP response to Hubert Ingraham’s address will appear at 3PM this Sunday!


  1. unemployment in the bahamas hovers a bit under 15% In GB its more like 17-18%. Mario Donato also owned the Xanadu, that closed too. The man came here from Italy as a dishwasher, and we gave him the opportunities we refused to extend to our own.I feel he was way over his head; but this is what will continue to happen when you don’t control your economy, business will go under and Bahamians will lose jobs because its in the best interest of foreignors interest and not ours.

  2. Well Slackapine said in his speech that, “things in Grand Bahama are not as bad as people think”…..okkkkkkkkkkkk then

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