Another Murder in Eleuthera #87 this morning


Terron Albury<<< A photo of 27 year-old, Terron Albury, of James Cistern Eleuthera. He’s murder victim #87 early this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas — There are now 87 murders in the Bahamas! In less than 10 hours from murder # 86, police arrested a man shortly after 2 a.m. this morning for The Bahamas’ 87th murder on the Island of Eleuthera.

Murdered, according to sources on the island, is 27 year-old Terron Albury. He was stabbed in the neck while attempting to break up a fight on that Island. Detectives from the capital have flown to the Island of Eleuthera to take over the investigations into this recent killing.

Albury was a resident of James Cistern just north of Governor’s Harbour.


  1. If our courts are going to keep giving these murderers bail, what is the point of the police arresting them? Also, I was trying to figure out how those judges’ feels when they are releasing these repeated murderers back on the street, when they know it’s only a matter of time before they straights again. At least that judge only got robbed at the ATM the other day, it could have been much worst; she could have lost her life at the hands of one of those repeated murderers. Thank God that didn’t happen, but if it did, I wonder how her colleagues would have felt knowing it was one of them who put that murderous bastard back on the street. If some of these criminals were hanged from the first time they committed murder, could you imagine how much lives could have been saved? I don’t believe the murder count would be anywhere close to number 87. I don’t want to believe this, but it seems as if our judicial system and the government are just sitting back and watching our murder rate sky rocket through the roof. All we plead for them to do something about these murderers, it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

    • The word wutless was coined by PAPA in describing the amount of persons charged with MURDER on bail under the Christie administration.The amount has doubled so maybe a newer version of wutlessness might be in the stars.Those in authority dont seem to care because after all its killers killing each other.Unfortunately for we the law abiding citizens we are viewed in the same light as the criminals.Well PAPAS says he will address Crime next week so God help us all as we need to lockdown in our basements until then.What a joker on vacation in a time of crisis.

      • Russell,  papa, called Mr. Christie, “wutless”. They fudged the numbers on the amount of murders in 2007, but look whats has happened on the “proven and tested leader watch. Unprecedented, murders,and the down grading of our economy by S&PTwo major issues, that has left “papa” reeling, and simply dumfounded.

  2. What is worst is that the person who killed him was out on bail for two murders… We een going no where soon…

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