Third World Knukklebiter…BP in South Abaco


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A broken pole on a South Abaco Road. Boy, we need change.

South Abaco, BahamasLook at the picture carefully. Can you unveil the mysterious third world conflict that is often dubbed in the Bahamian lingua as Black Crab Syndrome?

We here at Bahamas Press will give you an in-depth revelation of what we call Corporate Black CrabSyndrome“.

The photo depicts a utility pole that is broken from the ground and is being held up by a hightension wire. A closer look at the pole, however, would reveal that there is no BTC wire attached to it, norBEC wire.

Hmmm, looks like a CABLE BAHAMAS wire that has the pole a float.

Third world Corporate Black Crab Syndrome has it that if it doesn’t belong to our company, the hell with the public’s safety including the elderly, and pedestrians.

Logically, it would be fair to assume only residents in the southern Bahamas would be pruned to this kind of neglect by their government but this Ingraham led FNM government bottoms new lows of microscopic victimization by singling out polling divisions they have lost through even winning the constituency.

This photograph hails from polling division number 12 in South Abaco. The settlement that is never graced by a visit from its MP because he lost this particular area in the general election.

This is part one of the corporate black crab syndromes and microscopic victimization in the Bahamas.


  1. Not a week has passed since your BP has reported the neglect of South Abaco MP Edison Key to one of the polling divisions that did not support him in the general elections. Feeling the pressure and his feet being held to the fire, BP can confirm the South Abaco MP visited his neglected polling division  today.

    We are still watching and waiting to see when will the seven month floating pole be corrected.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Well Civil Thinker let us count the days and see how long it will take to ffix now it is published. How about that?

    Also are you suggesting the other items reported are not debatable? Particularly the RBDF plane sold to a man now wanted by the US for alleged drug crimes?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • BP my allusion was merely directed to the particular posting about the broken pole in South Abaco. In no way was I dilluting the importance of the RBDF plane sold to an individual wanted by the United States Gov on the trafficing of illicit narcotics. As a matter of fact their sames to be a guiding light that continues to connect drug dealers to strategic members of the Ingraham led government or the Ingraham himself!! Several weeks ago you reported on a loming riot that was eminent to escalate into a blood bath should the relevant authorities not intervene to cool the tensions down between the  haitian rebels and Bahamians. You also alluded to a shipment of guns that were stolen from haiti and being hidden in the mudd (haitian rebel community) by a infamous “BIN LADIN ” PINDER.I think the authorities needs to act swiftly on your exposure of these matter and recover the weapons. God help those Abaconians if the rebels are really holding on to armunition… But back to the broken pole a subject much lighter but no less important than RBDF sale of an 11 seater plane. Who really would assume liability should the broken pole fall on say a toddler, or a elderly person and result in serious injury or lost of life?  And should this MP be made to publically apologize to his/her constituents for turning a deaf ear to their concerns and basic needs that they are provided under the constitution?

  3. Ok BP this particular headline seem to be a good debatable one for all who aspire intellectualism and want to be a part of a civil dialogue. Firstly, we cannot with certainty confirm the time the pole has been broken; if it has been as being reported neglected then this is a shameful act of oppression by our Government. However, if it just occured say a day or two ago then we should allow some leniance to the government to resolve the matter. On the notation of the MP not visiting this part of his/her constituency because the majority constituents voted PLP then he/she should hang their head in national shame. This is a new and a modern Bahamas. We respect the rights and dignity of all Bahamians whether PLP or FNM.In conclusion, the people of that constituency needs to hold their MP feet to the fire and make him accountable. This could never happen on my turf!!! 

  4. I am truly sadden to learn that in the 21st century, a western country that has accomplish so much notwithstanding our size has resorted to neglecting its people on the basis of partisan political affiliation. To think that the island where the Prime Minister is from because the people in that polling division did not support the governing party they are left to suffer the scrappings of basic cares and privileges is sad.
    It is sad because the people in that polling division are Bahamians too.
    It is sad because I am sure that not every person in that polling division voted PLP I am sure some of them voted FNM.
    It is sad because no matter what they voted they are Bahamians and should not be victimized by their MP nor the governing party. What I would like to know from the residents in polling division 12 is how long has this pole been hanging? But the truth is people who are victimized are often afraid to speak out because they fear greater retaliation.
    BP ought to be commended for its investigative journalism in bringing such unfortunate matters to the forefront of the public.
    Along with a lawless society we must now battle as BP calls it microscopic victimization by the FNM and corporate black crab syndrome .

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