Another Police officer lays threat against Bahamas Press

Police Officer #187 Edrico Hanchell

After laying down the rules and laws on Bahamas Press, here’s what on officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force had to say back to BP:

“Edrico Çóŵßōŷ Hanchell commented on your status.

Edrico wrote:

“Hey yall this is good news! Ain’t it?? Ain’t this what we fucking Bahamians want??? Keep playing politics…this shit coming to your door step next!!!”

Readers should note Edrico Hanchell is officer #187, is at last report was stationed at the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Complex on Cable Beach. He is supposed to be protecting the Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Monitoring who enters and leaves the Offices of the PM.

BP again says, we do not take threats lightly and to prove it we post Hanchell’s message just in case any one of our agents, writers, editors or sources are hurt as a result. This is how serious we take threats sent to us.

We cannot have such infidels guarding the desk of the PM.

Edrico Çóŵßōŷ Hanchell


  1. Well BP although he may no longer be at the PM’s desk, he surely is still an officer. And that is something that your biased comments cannot take away from him. Did you ever think that him working at the PM’s desk was punishment enough for him and that you did him a favor in freeing him lol. AND THAT’S IF YOU HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS TRANSFER AT ALL. Another if is IF HE EVEN GOT TRANSFERED. I really can say I really do not think what yall did was called for. You didnot post your original comment making this extremely biased. And that is something that me being a Bahamian citizen and a hardworking person CANNOT RESPECT. But enjoy the rest of your day. But remember everybody needs somebody in some way or form at the end of the day. Keep in mind that while you may know the officers name rank and posting. Also exploited his photos to your benefit. We do not even know who you are. Who is the creator or president of Bahamas Press. That is unfair and we have a right to know who is bringing us “News”

  2. Police officers are held to a higher standard and code of conduct due to their role as enforcers of the law. His comments were unacceptable and shouldn’t go unanswered. BP did the right thing…”call out the BS”.

  3. One thing is certain you know his number. Fact is we have the right man. He is now no longer at the PM desk and we ain’t ga tell ya where he is…




  5. Ok maybe its a threat, maybe not. But who wants to risk it. when someone is cussing and talking about showing up on doorsteps this should raise an alarm. Especially when its someone who’s being payed to protect and serve. i think all of our officers should be phsyciatricly evaluated annualy to ensure that they are mentaly fit to protect and serve the the Bahamian people. This officer obviously has anger management problems that should be resolved before returning to the duty of guarding the leader of my country.

  6. In my opinion when it come to the picture; he should not have post it on FB. If he post it on the world wide web espicially without it being locked to the public, it simply means that he want the world to see it; and if he guards the PM home he must be considered one of our most elite officers (wow). Props to you Mr. Office just let the girls see your small gun.

  7. In my opinion when it come to the picture; he should not have post it on FB. If he post it on the world wide web espicially without it being locked to the public, it simply means that he want the world to see it; and if he guards the PM home he must be considered one of our most elite officers (wow). Prop to you Mr. Office just let the girls see your small gun.

  8. I personally feel that , it wasnt a direct threat but it should have not been said , yes the police are here to protect us but on the other hand the police also means us no good in the a way , to mch of our police officers allows there rank and authority to get to there head , now i co understand where some of you are coming form but then again to each is it own and in life becareful what you say !! whether it is out of context or not !

  9. Furthermore I am lead to believe that your original conversation implied that CRIME WAS OUT OF CONTROL AND THAT THE POLICE WAS TO BLAME. Which is why I believe that Officer Hanchell responded and asked “Is this good news?? and that CRIME will come to your door”
    But like you said a threat is in the eye of the beholder and I perceive your comment of “He better come armed” as a serious threat on a Police Officer.

  10. Well BP I can also assume your comment that “if he comes to your doorstep he better come armed” as a threat on the life of a police officer. Yall really need to be careful what yall say and put on the world wide web. Plus uploading this officers personal photos that he placed on FB to suit your cause. Report news, not your personal vendettas.

  11. truth or consequences “They cannot be trusted; most of them. They act like the Gustapo.”. 99% are bad. If that was true, we wouldnt see officers being put before the courts on regular bases. However, you must be careful when you throw stones and the brush you use to paint with. You have a son dont you? Can we trust him.

  12. anyone here thinks posting pictures on face book with a handgun cocking it as a police officer is contrary to being a law enforcement officer?
    i hope that gun is a legal firearm, and if its not who is checking? if its the gubment gun, one should not be posting pictures of u holding the crowns pistol on a social networking site

  13. BP is right to expose the suckers. I am convinced that 99% of the Police Officer don’t give a damn about the safety of Bahamians. They go through the motions but don’t even do that very well. They don’t give a damn. Deal making; bribery; cover-ups and abusing citizens is what most of them is good at. They build cases against innocent persons and if you are ever picked up for questioning and or involved in an investigation in any way shape or form, they treat you like they would treat dogs. They decide, on the spot, that all are guilty and they proceed to abuse you. I know of what I speak. Most of them are Thugs, plain and simple and guess what? I have a son on the force and I hear the stories about the Thugs. And they wonder why the public don’t want anything to do with them? If you give them information, in an investigation, they would talk it and then the accused come looking for you. They cannot be trusted; most of them. They act like the Gustapo.

  14. BP in this case you guy are out of order… need to out the statement in its full context…this is not a threat. It appears that BP has a person “vibe” with this officer. I normally support BP but in this case you guys are wrong

  15. Bahamas Press yall too serious and extremely wrong for taking this officer’s photos from his profile and posting it on yall page. I do not see a threat in what he said. Honestly if yall weren’t being so biased why didn’t yall post the original status that you put so we can get a full idea of the conversation. There is REAL news happening everyday. School children being shot in their head. If this is the news that you choose to cover then my friend you are sadly mistaken on educating the Bahamian public.

    • We don’t take threats lightly. The matter is now before the high command of the RBPF.
      It is the perception is in the eye of the Beholder.

      If he come at any of our writers doorstep he better come armed. WE DO NOT TAKE THREATS LIGHTLY! NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      • put wrong where wrong is yes the policeman in this case should not post a pic of him with a gun at the training complex however you guys cant use a pic that had nothing to do with you to make your point but yet you bp is implying violence against a serving officer which is an offence. so what will happen to you guys if something happens to this officer lets be careful of what we say

        • We are careful in what we say, and that is why we asked him to retract the statement. Her refused and so the matter is out of our hands.

          An officer who guard the gates where the PM enters and exits should not be making those kinds of statements in the public domain. PERIOD! Cussing as if he has no “broughtupsy”?



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