Another one bite the dust



A sign acting like a burial stone left on another community  laundry in the heart of the inner city of East Street and Ross Corner. Poor Bahamians cannot afford the cleaners anymore, thanks to Hubert Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas: If the poor and middle class stores are collapsing and dying, one can only imagine what is happening to the poor and middle class today in this country. They are being strangled to death by the hands of Hubert Ingraham. This note was the only burial sign that reminded loyal patrons of the once, Do Drop Cleaners laundry on Ross Corner and East Street. The place has closed its doors due to the bad economic conditions now in The Bahamas. The out-of-touch Ingraham government has left some ministers saying Tourism figures are up and businesses are good, but on the ground speaks a different story. The Ingraham government passed a budget that said it was for the poor. But the poor appears to be dying just like this second laundry facility we came across. Which once was a thriving business dating back to the days when Sir Lynden lived on East Street.

Over the weekend, this writer visited an old friend in the area as we embarked on an investigative piece near Ross Corner. One of the resident’s neighbour knocked to the door and said humbly, “…can I borrow a spoon a salt  and sugar please, mommy need it to fry some fish and make some lemon aid.” Our kind friend of many years got up went into the kitchen and deliever the box of salt and a bag of sugar to the young lad.

Astonished and shamed, in my mind I collectively began looking at the many unemployed in the already poor stricken neighbourhood, and wondered to myself, when will Hubert Ingraham’s crual wave and revenge anger against poor Bahamians end? Even corporate working Bahamians cannot find minutes on their cell phones and some cannot afford phones anymore. What a poor rotten state The Bahamas has quickly turned into, since Hubert Ingraham’s claws took hold of this country.

Bahamas Press calls on all Bahamians to wake form their slumber and begin to speakout against this EVIL TASK MASTER, that have driven The Bahamas into the slums once again.


One Drop Laundry on  East Street and Ross corner closed its doors for good. The hand of Hubert Ingraham high taxes closes another Bahamian businesss doors.