Another PLP MP is set to accept a job in PAPA administration


Jerome Sawyer at an Elizabeth rally just months before he was used then kicked off the air at ZNS by the FNM government.

Nassau, Bahamas – When we reported this time back some two years ago “A MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD COLLAPSE!” people thought we were joking and Clico collapsed like night follows day. When we said this time last year a PLP MP shall resign, some laugh at us to scorn. When we said, “Pleasant Bridgewater is a FREE WOMAN!”Tribune and the newly appointed AG, Not even the John Delaney, had a clue about what we reported.

Bahamas Press now reports, a third member of the Progressive Liberal Party’s Parliamentary team is set to accept a job in the Ingraham government in the new year.

We can confirm stalled talks between the MP and PAPA have resumed following what can only be described as a rough year for the family island MP.

If the MP accepts the post which was first offered by the PM in March 2010, the representative will earn a six-figure salary along with perks attached to the job.

What could BP know about the deal no one not even in PAPA’s goons can confirm? We can tell you the MP journey on a long trip to Africa for a Parliamentary caucus event in November where the said deal was rekindled.

Could Papa deliver another PLP to the FNM?

We can also confirm the MP was invited to a private meeting by a representative of the FNM where a final offer was proposed and here’s what we know. If accepted, the MP will remain contracted on the payroll of the government for the next three years; before and after the next general elections. We are advised there will be with a separation clause attached to the proposed deal, which will provide addition funds if the contract is terminated.

In January 2009, Papa sucked the PLP Kennedy candidate into the claws of the FNM. Then again by January 2010 the bad MP for Elizabeth, Malcolm ‘Selfish’ Adderley, resigned form the Parliament for a sweet deal offered to him by Papa. And now once again, we are told Papa is again plucking chickens from the PLP pen. Could only PLPs find appointment in the FNM?

Despite all this thunder now gathering in the distance, Bahamas Press has learnt the news of a decision by the MP has not concerned the Party’s leadership. BP is told the CDR ratified five new candidates in preparation for the upcoming elections. We are told Christie, Davis and Roberts have all began taking flight throughout the family islands, maneuvering in constituencies, planting operations and are making appearances with stakeholders throughout the Bahamas.

Malcolm 'SELFISH' Adderley

While Ingraham was meeting with the Christian Council members on Grand Bahama over the weekend, BP has learnt Christie, Davis and Roberts have all been meeting with pastors and leaders in communities individually, pressing the flesh and galvanizing teams.

The PLP ratified last night three dangerous women to head up the face of the Party in the big dance. We are told PLP ‘Giant Slayer’ Glenys Hanna-Martin, who politically beheaded FNM MP Sidney Collie and forced him to resign from the Cabinet following his disgraced, botched local government elections. We are advised forceful Nurses President Cleola Hamilton also made the cut for South Beach along with Melanie Griffin in Yamacraw.

Sources in the FNM tell us, “PAPA will now pluck another chicken from the PLP stall and we will attempt to prove money buys land and vulnerable PLPs.”

BP can also confirm two trailers marked out of China arrived at a Grand Bahama Port facility filled with FNM paraphernalia. We are told the items were recently ordered and inspected during Papa’s recent visit to China.