Another Prisoner escapes Central Police


Breaking news coming out of the precinct of Central Police Station at this hour, there is another jailbreak. Another prisoner has escape custody at the Central Police Station in downtown Nassau early this morning. TOMMY TURNQUEST HAS GATS TO GO!

BP has learned the incident occurred early tin the wee hour of the morning.

THERE IS NO LAW AND MURDER IS THE HOUR OF THE DAY! Tommy Turnquest accused Mother Pratt of all manner of things. He has no shame and has been MOST NEGLECTFUL!

The incident this morning and has left officers puzzled to the new changes just initiated at the precinct.


  1. Kim you are so correct,many changes need to be made.Unfortunately for the new Commander at that station he promised us that we would have no more escapes.The Punch is reporting him to have egg on his face.Tommy aint no Police as he talks loudly but is a coward,.Talk is cheap and any thug on the streets know who is genuine.

  2. I don’t know what to say other than, they must be need to change the entire staff at Central Police Station. Just the other day, Two prisoners managed to escaped from there, which ended deadly for one if them, I just thought they would be doing things a lot different around there to prevent any further breakouts, but it look like they gone right back to doing business as usual.

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