Like Houdini two more Prisoners escape from police custody less than one week apart


<<< No statement has yet come from the Minister of National Security in respect to the prison breaks now frequently occurring in the country. Bahamas Press is calling for the resignation of Tommy Turnquest who continues to be quiet over the slaughter, mayhem and death engulfing our society. TOMMY TURNQUEST GATS TO GO!

Andros, BahamasBahamas Press is breaking more earth shattering news early this Monday morning. Sources on the Royal Bahamas Police Force tell us not only has a prisoner, 21 year-old Wesley Forest, who was held at the Central Police Station had walked out of four locked cells early Sunday, but we’ve learned late yesterday of another prisoner who escaped police custody last week Wednesday and not a word of it was reported to the public.

BP can confirm a prisoner; known to police was detained by them on Andros for the theft of the Government’s money out of the postal complex on that island. You would remember BP broke the news of a robbery, which occurred in Andros several weeks ago. The robber, we know made good with the entire government safe out of the postal complex, which also houses the local police station in South Andros. Police were alleged to gave been sleeping in their unit when the bold robber made good with the government’s money.

The suspect we are told, was captured by police for that robbery last week Tuesday and was transported to the capital Wednesday for processing. BP has learned while the young man was being detained at the Airport Police precinct to be taken to the Central Detective Unit for questioning, the unthinkable occurred. Like the great magician Houdini, the suspect vanished in thin air despite all the police protection in the world; he vanished from custody.

The great vanishing act of prisoners in the Bahamas reminds us of the DARK DAYS of the Pindling era when prisoners walked out of the front doors of HR Majesty’s Prison Service in Fox Hill. During that period the Superintendent, the high security, the prisoners nor anyone living nearby saw anything. Is the Bahamas returning to those DARK DAYS once again?

BP reminds our readers of the great prison break recently at Central Police, which forced the shakeup of its top brass. Last month shackled inmates Ricardo Knowles and Renardo Bastian made good their escape out of the precinct in the early morning hours. Knowles was later gunned down the following morning in the Five Pound Lot area just off Kemp Road. while Renardo told member of the Top Brass they were assisted by police. An officer was fired from the Force immediately and the other placed under investigation.

Up to press time on Sunday police had still not issued a statement about the second Central breakout in less than a month. Nor had they issued anything to the media or the public as to what happened last week Wednesday.  How did the man who they believed made good with thousands of dollars from a safe in the post office in Andros escaped? That’s the million dollar question.



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