Another Prominent FNM General in Abaco tenders his resignation from the Party


Roscoe Thompson III and son, now former FNM general resigns from the Party.

South Abaco, Bahamas — Generals from both North and South Abaco are slowly weeding themselves away from the FNM, and today one of the FNMs biggest four star generals on the island, Roscoe Thompson III, has tendered his resignation from the Party and will now run as an Independent candidate for the South Abaco in the 2011 General Elections.

Bahamas Press can confirm Thompson like thousands around the country finds himself estranged from the workings of the Ingraham government, and is concerned with the Minister’s [Hubert Ingraham who represents Abaconians] wicked treatment of family island local authorities.

Bahamas Press can confirm Thompson hails from the backbone of the FNM organization, with his family ties rooted deep in the UBP.

The news of Thompson’s resignation comes following resignations of the FNM Women’s Association leadership on Grand Bahama. The women tendered their resignations to Party Chairman, Carl Bethel, earlier this year.

“Under Carl Bethel 2010 has perhaps been the “wassest” year for our organization. The resignations, the defeat is the Elizabeth by-election, the global crisis, the lost of jobs, the mounting deficits, the huge contracts on borrowed money given to the Chinese, Canadians and Argentinians, the illegal dredging and now the sale of profitable BTC to more foreigners is just what the doctor ordered for our ‘cut-hip’ at the polls. Things for us and the country are worst than they were in 2007 and that is a problem for us come the next general elections,” an FNM insider said.

Thompson is the grand nephew of a former representative of Abaco, and grandson of Roscoe Thompson the former owner of Thompson’s Department Store, which was located on Bay Street and in Palmdale.

He is from a prominent UBP family that includes the now deceased Captain Leonard Thompson, Land Developer Chester Thompson and Sir Durward Knowles.



  1. Abaco is such a treasure in the Bahamas, and its amazing to me how the government seems content on ignoring this island. Marsh Harbour requires a modern airport to deal with the heavy traffic that passes through. Abaco also requires a hospital to service its growing population. Without these two essential infrastructual requirements, Abaco is being stagnated badly. The FNM will ignore Abaco to its own detriment.

  2. I believe alot more politicians and field generals would leave the FNM sinking ship if they weren’t so economically tied to its purse strings. They know there’s no other job or career out there for them, so they have to stick with Hubert. This one in Abaco obviously has his own income source so can break out on his own. The other disillusioned FNM members are like many workers in a job they hate, they hate the boss, they hate his decisions but if they want to pay their bills, they have to stick it out.

  3. Who cares? If one less Abaconian is disgruntled who cares…The Bahamas has bigger problems. It appears that Roscoe Thompson I, II and III all picked badly.

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