Another snorkeling drowning – this time in EXUMA!


American man found at the bottom of the dead drowned…

Exuma – BP is now examining the frequency in which guests to the country are showing up dead during these snorkeling exercises.

And we want the embassy to note that far too frequently its citizens are showing up dead while on these exercises at sea – almost one or two a month! Something has to be wrong here and a review of these incidents must be closely examined.

We at BP can report that on the island of Exuma police are investigating the death of an American male.

Reports on the island suggest that around 11:00am, Sunday, 24th June, 2018, an adult male was snorkeling with a family member in waters between Musha and Rudder Cay when they noticed that he did not surface.

A search was made and the male was discovered at the bottom of the sea. He was removed from the water and taken to a Community Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

We believe these incidents are occurring too frequently and something must be done to ensure that all safety standards with snorkeling are being adhered to.

We report yinner decide!