Another T. A. Thompson student goes missing for weeks


Young student is a kidney patient…

Missing teen Dominque Johnson.

Nassau – We at Bahamas Press want you to watch this story closely.

Here is missing 9th grade student Dominque Johnson. Her parents took to the news this week to confirm that she is a kidney patient and has not returned home since September 26th.

Dominque, according to reports, is a student of the T. A. Thompson Junior High and she is 13 years old.

Her parents, Osman Johnson and Margaret McPherson, believes she was tired of seeing her doctor and that is why they think she fled.

Well, lately in the Bahamas young gals dem seem to vanish for weeks and then suddenly appear without explanation. But we ga watch this report and see if this is the usual case. We believe someone has her under their care, just like the rest of the gals who keep vanishing week after week and then return.

We report yinner decide!

Parents Mr. Osman Johnson and Miss Margaret McPherson