Another woman has become the latest victim of murder here in the country


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Nassau, Bahamas — Another woman has become the latest victim of murder here in the country.

Police this morning found a woman dead in a car on Cox Way shortly after 10 am this morning. Her body, we are told, was found beaten and bruised with a knife broken off in her neck. She is believed to be in her 30s.

Detectives are combing the area in southern New Providence where she was discovered. She becomes the country’s 117th murdered victim for 2011.



  1. What I want know though, why they didn‘t send that wife of his to prison too? She around here referring to herself as woman of God and lying and cloaking her husband in his devious behavior. She aint nothing but an old jungalist man! I mean, what kind of woman would take off her clothes to go and have sex in a church especially with her children watching her anyway? If you see me get dressed and put on my clothes and come out of my house, nobody could get me to take them off to go have sex on no floor. He have to be stupid! I don’t care if he is my husband , he was going to respect me enough to wait until we get home. You know the church people probably pulled together and brought them a nice bedroom set, because they like for their pastors and their family to have the best. Why go have sex on the floor in public? If he couldn’t wait until we get home, he could go do the next best thing. I can’t see how she allow that wicked husband of hers to lower her self esteem and reduce her to such despicable level, that only happened to her, because she never stood for anything. I was not going to let him do it to me if I were her. I would have told him straight and plain, “look here babes, I realize you have a very serious problem when it comes to dealing with your sexual urges. Plus, I realize, we already in this marriage together and we have these children together, Sweetie, you got yourself into this mess, now it‘s up to you to get yourself out of it, I don’t feel it is right for my name to be dragged into this, considering that I wasn‘t around when you and that child was in the church office having y’all fun. When y’all was in there grinning from ear to ear, did you see me in there? That’s time you could have been here satisfying me, now you expect me to testify on your behalf? Man, you need to go have your head examine, because I know it can’t be good. Hell no!” Anyway, I understand just why she was crying after they read the verdict, because she felt extra stupid to see how nobody brought into her lies. If she love him that much to do that to herself, she could go visit him every Sunday at Her Majesty Prison now. Him and that other pastor who rapped the nine year old girl have plenty catching up to do. Now, they could sit down there all day now and brag and share notes about how they took advantage of their victims. Don’t let Birbal and the other punk who did poor little Marco in get up in on the discussion,; well, you know it’s all over. What a bunch of sick bastards!! They should give each of them the Cato nine tail.

  2. Our country is beset with child molesters and robbers of innocence, child mutilators and pedophiles, Male and female, dishonest and self-serving politicians, unholy clergymen and godless homosexuals, evil home wreckers and a lazy, indecisive and fearful populous unwilling to stand up and banish, punish and destroy them and their agendas. And this case, not the verdict, is a sign of where we have landed after 40 years of turning a blind eye to the deteriorating moral fabric of our society. When are we going to take back our country from the immoral and savage? When are we going to say, as a people that this child abuse must stop. That homosexuality is morally opposite to the majority’s standard and that the level of marital infidelity is breaking down the family structure in this country. That our leaders, political and religious must be held accountable for allowing and even assisting in the state of our nation? People are making hay of this case and verdict but I say we need to shovel the crap that is at our front door before we run out back and try to gather hay from twigs. I don’t agree with homosexuality, I am against any form abuse and robbing of innocence and definitely against families being destroyed by persons that want only the financial benefits of what someone’s husband or wife should be receiving for years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication their spouse and children. Come on Bahamas, we are better than this. There was a time when this atrocious and pervasive axiom would be considered evil and counterproductive at best. And the perpitrators would be dismissed, ostracized, imprisoned or all of the above. But where is the answer. To simply say to have a day of prayer or to change a government or to build large hotels to provide jobs is not enough. It is putting our heads in the sand and pretending it will all go away. It won’t go that way. we need a comprehensive revisiting of the moral and ethical codes and standards we have allowed to be snatched from our society by those who would say “if it feels good, do it”. That was the seed, sowed in the 80’s” through our ill guided, ill informed attempts to be liberal and trendy. It has been cultivated by our lust for instant gratification and fecundated and watered by the malfeasance of our political and religious leaders. And now the fruit, bitter and poison, is a society that accepts and even condones rampant child abuse (physical and sexual), spousal abuse (physical and sexual), overt and licentious homosexuality and rampant, and widespread infidelity political and clergy dishonesty and malfeasance and graft We turn a blind eye to conflicts of interest by public officers and elected officials if we are the virtual benefactors of the ethical malevolence and attack these matters only when it negatively affects us directly. When are we going to compel our politicians and civic and religious leaders to be accountable, moral, upright and honest? When are we going to see that until and unless we start with those in the spotlight and the forefront, that our council and leadership that we impose on our children, students and subordinates will be met with resistance and viewed as hypocrisy because they see us allowing our leaders/employees to do as they will and go unchecked and unpunished. When are we going to say to our brothers and sisters, friends and family members that you are not to interfere with stable homes and uits not ok to try to take the bread from a Childs mouth? When are we going to stand up and say that the pervasive and immoral lifestyle of homosexuality is not what we want in this country and that “We make no apologies and need no excuses for what we feel and believe”? And that It offends our sensibilities and our moral and religious convictions and we want no part of it? When are we going to call on our resolve and come together as one people against these evils and vises and banish them through social, moral, educational and even legal measures? When are we going to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!? To the child molester, enough is enough! To the home wrecker, enough is enough! To the greedy uncaring, conniving and arrogant politician, enough is enough! To the immoral and selfish clergymen and women, enough is enough! To the openly, and immoral and sadly mistaken, mixed up homosexual community and their agenda to turn our children and young people and our Christian nation into a society of immoral and unfruitful and Godless reprobates, enough is enough! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Enough…………. Is……………..enough. Stand up Bahamians and let the world see what you are made of! Stand up for right, for morality, for enlightenment, for Christian principals and values, for the family and the strength and stability each successful family brings to our country, for our children and our youth, for what great men like Sir. Cecil and Sir. Lynden fought for and risked their freedom and lives for. For a Bahamas where we can send our children to play and our youth to school knowing that they get what we have fought and paid for. What we got as youth. Strong and honest, decent leadership and education. A fair playing field and a decent chance to succeed. Or are you going sit there and to let these few but growing number of unworthy, unholy, moral infidels, unfit to lead and or even exist in our society in their present state, LEAD US down this path of destruction?

  3. the entire community has lost in the Rev. Frazer situation; a young girl has lost her innocence, a man who dedicated his life to ministry has fallen by the way of shame and disgrace; so where is the justice in any of it? The young girl family is hurting, the girl is hurting, the Rev. family is broken and hurting, especially if there are girls in his household…..pray tell me where is the justice?

    Do you think we are too hungry for revenge and not forgiveness. I’m not saying the law should not take its course; I’m saying, why look at this with such malicious, satisfaction and wish him so much continued pain?

  4. 3years is really not enough for a man who was on the children protection board,bishop needs 20 years like all the rest of the rapist, then the other pastors and the like will stop hiding behind their titles

  5. Why his wife didn’t go to jail with him lying like that as a Christian am a sinner but satan waiting on you Mrs Frazier remember you have children imagine your children in the young lady position and you defending your wicked husband

  6. Finally justice appears to have been done. I feel for the 16 year old and for Rev. Frazer’s daughters too. I trust that the 16 year old is able to recover and live a normal life in this country. I ask Gods blessings on Rev. Frazers daughters and hope that they too will have a happy life.
    No one should take advantage of our youth, they are our future and should be protected. Many of our young girls leave much to be desired but they to should be protected. Today I hope that families everywhere would get their young girls together and let them know that they are precious and valuable and if they wait on the Lord he will provide them with the mate they need. Save the children do not hurt them.

  7. Proverbs 6:12-15
    A scoundrel and villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth,who winks with his eye, signals with his feet and motions with his fingers,who plots evil with deceit in his heart— he always stirs up dissension. Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant; he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.”

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